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Toy Recalls and Toy Safety Concerns Top the Headlines


Lately every week brings a new toy recall. Toys with high levels of lead, cadmium and toxic chemicals can be health hazards for children. Toys that break or come apart cause laceration, puncture, choking and fall hazards for kids. Parents must prioritize toy safety and insist on better toy testing and toy companies must learn that parents won't buy their toys if the toys aren't safe.
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Toy Recall Information

Recalled Toy Halloween Lanterns from Dollar Tree Stores - Dollar Tree Stores Recall Toy Lanterns

Parents who have up-to-the minute toy recall information can act fast to remove recall toys from their children's toy box. We work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure that parents are alerted to new toy recalls. We post toy recall pictures with many toy recalls so busy parents can recognize recall toys immediately. For the complete list of this year's recall toys, parents should visit the CPSC website, www.cpsc.gov.

2012 Toy Recalls

Toys R Us Imaginarium 5-in-1 Activity Center

This is a list of toy recalls during 2012 and includes various large and small toys.

2011 Toy Recalls

Build a bear colorful hearts teddy

This is a list of toys recalled by the CPSC for 2011.

2010 Toy Recalls

Recalled Step2 Transportation Center Toys - New Toy Recall of Step2 Transportation Center Toys

Many of the major toy recalls have been in the news because so many of the toys are on the market. In the case of the Step2 Buggy Ride-On Toy recall, an estimated 2.5 million of the buggy toys recalled are on the market. Here are some of the recent toy recalls from 2010. For a complete list visit the CPSC's website at www.CPSC.gov.

Older Toy Recalls

Playskool Tool Bench Toy Recall - Toy Recall for Playskool Tool Bench

Have a look at these toy recall pictures to see if you have any of these older recall toys in your house.

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