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Easter Toys

Easter Basket Toys for All Ages


In some households (mine included) the Easter Bunny brings Easter toys instead of Easter candy. Here are some great new Easter toy reviews of Easter basket toys for kids of all ages.

1. My Pillow Pets

My Pillow Pets Pink Bunny Pillow - Perfect Easter Toy
Photo © My Pillow Pets
My Pillow Pets are cute, soft, squishy chenille stuffed animals with Velcro under their tummies. Release the Velcro and they go flat to become a child's favorite pillow.My Pillow Pets Pink Bunny and Cream Bunny have polka dots under their ears. So cute!
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2. Haba Bunny Hugo Cuddling Muslin

Haba Bunny Hugo Cuddling Muslin Easter Toy - Baby Easter Toy - Easter Toys for Babies
Photo © Haba
Haba Bunny Hugo Cuddling Muslin is a sweet little baby toy for Easter. Easter toys are a must for babies because they're too little for eggs and candy! This Haba baby toy has a ring and a textured disc for teething.
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3. U-Turn 2 Tap Water Bottles

U-Turn 2 Tap Water Bottles
Photo © U-Turn 2 Tap Water Bottles
If your kids are too old for traditional Easter toys you might consider giving them a cool, eco-friendly water bottle from U-Turn 2 Tap. They are made from stainless steel with non-toxic paints and a BPA-free plastic sport cap. Their new, cool, urban artwork was just unveiled!
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4. Steiff Little Floppy Hoppel Rabbits

Steiff Little Floppy Hoppel Rabbit - Perfect Easter Toys - Easter Basket Toy
Photo © Steiff

Steiff is a very special toy company because several generations have played with their high-quality collectible toys. Steiff's Little Floppy Hoppel Rabbit is new to the collection and would be a perfect Easter basket toy. The button in his ear proves that he's a genuine Steiff stuffed animal toy and the Little Floppy Hoppel Rabbit is likely to be a longtime favorite.

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5. Hide 'Em Find 'Em Egg Game

Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Eggs Easter Egg Hunt Game - Easter Toys - Easter Egg Hunt Game
Photo © Techno Source
This funny twist on a traditional Easter Egg hunt is a perfect Easter toy. The eggs start to talk, giggle and make noises until kids find them. When they find one, kids pop them open to find a surprise and the toy says, "You found me!" My son's birthday falls on Easter so we'll be using these as party favors for his friends for sure!
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6. Schleich Easter Animal Figures

Schleich Wild Rabbit Toy - Perfect Easter Basket Toys - Toys for Easter
Photo © Schleich

Schleich makes beautiful, detailed, hand-painted animal figures that kids and collectors crave. This year they have new wild rabbits, cygnets (baby swans) and ducklings that have arrived just in time to be perfect Easter Basket toys.

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7. Folkmanis Standing White Rabbit Puppet

Folkmanis Standing White Rabbit Puppet - Beautiful, Detailed Hand Puppets - Easter Toys
Photo © Folkmanis

Folkmanis is one of my favorite toy companies. Their giraffe puppet potty trained my son "single handedly!" Folkmanis puppets are always beautiful, soft and ultra realistic. The new Standing White Rabbit Puppet reminds me of the rabbit that became the centerpiece of a legendary magician costume one Halloween years ago.

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8. Celebriducks Alice in Wonderland Duck

Celebriducks Alice in Wonderland Toy - Alice in Wonderland Toys for the Tub
Photo © Celebriducks

If you're looking for a quirky quacker, Celebriducks "fits the bill." (Get it?) Featuring everyone from Kiss to President Obama, Celebriducks are cute little rubber duckies that have become impressive collectible toys. In honor of the release of the new Alice in Wonderland Movie, The Alice in Wonderland Celebriduck is now available. It's strange for sure, but if you go for the offbeat toys, this one may be for you!

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