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Toy Storage Ideas For Your Home

Easy And Cheap Ways For Toy Storage


Toys are a great way to entertain and educate. In most homes, kids have lots of toys. After play, it is essential to have a handy toy storage system to put away and store the toys. It is not necessary to use up lots of storage space to store toys, or spend tons of money to build up toy storage options. Here are some cheap and easy toy storage ideas which will help you to store your toys neatly and efficiently.

1. Laundry Hampers are a great way to store toys. They do not occupy too much space, are readily available, and don't really stand out in the house. It is easy to scoop up toys and toss them into the laundry hampers where they can be stored until it is time to play with them again.

2. Empty plastic containers around the house are a handy way to store little things such as crayons, stickers, playdoh, bits and pieces, art and craft supplies and more.

3. Don't toss out those big packing boxes your kids big sized toys come in. They can be easily dressed up in colorful wrapping paper and made into a handy toy storage bin for your kid's toys. This can be a fun craft project idea for your kids to do too, and they will enjoy storing their toys in something which they have made themselves.

4.Laundry bags are a convenient toy storage option, especially small sized bath toys, stuffed toys and the like. Choose transparent or mesh laundry bags to easily recognize the contents.

5.Unique storage units and Toy Boxes are nice for toy storage, though they do require an initial investment. However, after your child grows up, they can be used to store things other than toys.

6. Play Pens are ideal for storing toys after your child finishes playing with them! Just toss the toys into the play pen after playtime is over, and they are safely enclosed within. After playtime, smaller kids will not be able to reach for the toys inside the playpen, avoiding any potential for mess making.

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