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Hess Toy Trucks

2012 Hess Helicopter & Rescue Truck Review

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Hess Toy Truck

One time per year, prior to the holiday season, Hess releases a new collectible toy vehicle. These fun, durable Hess toy trucks are very popular toys for boys. 2012 brought the Hess Helicopter and Rescue Truck.


-2 vehicles include helicopter and rescue truck car

-Helicopter includes motorized main and tail rotors that are activated by the push of a button

-Helicopter also includes 3 different sounds to simulate fly by, take off and ignition that are activated by the push of a button

-Cargo bay door that holds the rescue vehicle opens with push of a button

-Retractable landing gear

-Working lights on the helicopter will remain steady or flash. These lights also include pivoting search lights

-Rescue truck lights are turned on with an on/off switch on the bottom of the car

-Batteries are included with the purchase

-Toy retails for $26.99 plus tax and shipping and handling and is available for purchase on-line or in select Hess gas stations

My Review

I have a family member who last year gave my son, who is now 3, a model helicopter. Not understanding how fragile the item was, it was not an item that could really be played with. However, my son was mesmerized by it. Each time he touched it, because it was a model, pieces very easily snapped off. This year, the one item he wanted Santa to leave under the tree was "a toy helicopter that doesn't break." Every time he sat on Santa's lap, this was his one single request, consistently. While I canvased the aisles at the toy stores, I was very unhappy with the types of toy helicopters that were available for purchase for his age group. Safety First recently released the new Jump 'N Jive helicopter ( compare prices), that's adorable, but doesn't have the realistic features that an older child was searching for. Without even talking with my mother beforehand, she told me that they had already purchased the Hess Helicopter and Rescue Truck for my son as a Christmas gift.

This truck was easily one of my son's favorite gifts of Christmas. It's the perfect toy for preschool aged boys. The sounds and lights are life-like. The item is very durable and the perfect size and weight for small hands to maneuver. Plus, not only is there a helicopter, but the rescue truck has lights that are easily switched on an off. I often find the mechanics of these types of toys can be loud, but other than the take-off sounds, the mechanics are smooth and quiet. There is a great safety feature included if a child's hand or body hits the moving helicopter blades they will automatically stop. His only complaint at this time is that the cargo door has been a little challenging for him to consistently open himself, without requesting help, even though it's a simple push button release.

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and features included in this toy for the price. It's a perfect toy for preschool boys who love vehicles and I will look forward to what Hess will release each and every year.

This item was purchased by a family member at their own discretion and given to my son as a gift. Any opinions included are my own.

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