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Top 10 TY Beanie Baby Guide To Beanie Baby Pinkys


Who can resist TY Beanie Babies? Beanie Baby Collectors follow the trends in Beanie Baby Prices and Beanie Baby Values closely.

New for 2005 is TY Beanie Babies PINKYS. These adorable, as the name suggests, "PINK" little Beanie Babies will steal your heart away! The current Beanie Babies in the market today include a host of very charming animals all in a pleasing shade of pink.

If you happen to value TY Beanie Babies, check out the Top 10 Pinkys in this TY Beanie Baby Guide to PINKYS.

1. Pinky Poo The Poodle

A sparkle here, a twinkle there
I like to shine most everywhere
All the way from my hair bows
Right down to my polished toes !

2. Baubles The Frog

Though I'm a girl who just loves pink
Some people never stop to think
That I like sports and big bugs, too
I like all different things, don't you ?

3. Chenille The Chick

I'll do a dance on twinkle toes
I practice hard; I think it shows
Whether ballet, jazz or tap
I think dancing is a snap !

4. Dazzler The Bear

Glitter adds some special style
Pizazz that simply makes you smile
Try it once and you will see
How fun it is to be sparkly !

5. Julep The Monkey

My jungle party is sublime
And you will have a swingin' time
We'll talk and laugh and have some fun
Until we see the morning sun !

6. Rosa The Guinea Pig

I'll fluff my hair and powder my nose
And then I'll stop and strike a pose
I like to look my best each day
I think it worked; what do you say ?

7. Silky The Pig

Manicure, pedicure and facial, too
The perfect treat for me and you
What a great way to unwind
From the normal daily grind !

8. Pinky Poo

Another Pinky Poo.

9. Fab The Poodle Purse

This cute little purse in the shape of a poodle is sure to be an instant heart stealer!

10. Gloss

This adorable little dog will melt your heart with it's soulful look.

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