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Readers Respond: Which is the worst toy you've come across?

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From the article: The Worst Toys List
It's time to talk about the worst toys of all time.

Which is your least favorite toy? Is it a toy which broke as soon as you got it or a toy which your kid didn't even want to look at? Is it a toy which you felt was an absolute waste of money or a toy which was a bad influence on your child?

Now's the time to share with the world what your least favorite toy is - spread the word around! Share your thoughts

Easy Bake Oven

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about encouraging domesticity and independent children who can sustain themselves, but cooking with a light bulb? Are they serious? It's just another case of infantalizing our kids well into their preteen years when we could already be teaching them how to bake with their parents at a real oven, with real people sized foods, and real ingredients that haven't been sitting in a tiny package in the back of a wal-mart for 5 years. That being said, I finally caved and bought my daughter one years ago. Sigh. She loved it for a few weeks and then into the basement it went, never to be seen again. She's quite a good cook now, though, at 19.
—Guest Alicia

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