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YBike Pewi Ride-On Toy

Fun Bike for Toddlers

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YBike Pewi
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Children enjoy physical activity very differently at various age levels. Infants who are learning to stand on their feet begin to push a variety of toys in their environment as they work on their balance and independence with walking. Toddlers who have perfected the ability to walk and run, also enjoy sitting on ride-on toys and moving them forward and backward with their feet. The YBike Pewi is one of my favorite infant toys that can be bought when a child is learning to walk. This fast, fun bike is also a great gift idea for toddlers who also enjoy riding bikes.


- Aluminum frame

- Recommended for kids 12-36 months

- Maximum weight load of 44 lbs.

- Maximum height of child 144 cm

- Easy to put together

- Non-marking rubber, caster wheels

- Various colors available include red, blue or pink

- MSRP $69.99

My Review

We received this product for review when my son was about 18 months old, so he did not experience this as a walker. As a toddler though, he hopped right on and very easily was able to propel it forward and backward. He also quickly realized how he could turn the bike to ride in circles with the unique caster wheels. He did fall forward over the front of the bike on a few occasions until he gained his center of gravity, and now that he is 2 ½, this has not occurred for a long time. That being said, definitely supervise young children as they learn the nuances of this bike’s unique speed and maneuverability.

For children learning to walk you may want to support the front of the bike by providing a little resistance by holding it firmly yourself. The caster wheels do swivel in 360 degrees and this has been an outstanding indoor bike, but could pose a challenge for young children that are not stable on their feet when pushing it. It is unbelievably quiet and has been fantastic, never marking or scratching our hardwood floors. It also makes the transition from hardwood to low lying rugs with ease, where other ride-ons that are lower to the ground need to literally be picked up when riding them to roll from the floor to the carpet. Other more traditional plastic ride-on toys have been challenging to control and maneuver with growing toddlers as they mainly only move forward and back and are so low to the ground they can be awkward. The YBike Pewi has been much more ergonomically correct for growing toddlers with the higher, narrower seat. It also requires that children develop and use their center of gravity and balance, which is a precursor to riding more challenging bikes at later developing ages. The YBike Pewi, did need to be assembled. However, it was fairly easily put together in about 30 minutes. If you are looking to purchase a ride-on toy for your infant that they will also enjoy in toddler years, the YBike Pewi is definitely a worthwhile investment. It’s unique design is positively commented on by everyone that has entered our home.

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