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Best Toddler Toys

12 months to 35 months


Toddlers ages 12 months to 3 years are on the move, learning to communicate through words, and developing their ability to begin to develop some pretend play skills. This list in includes some of the best toddler toys to help the child in your life start to build independent play skills.

1. YBike Pewi

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Most toddlers learn to walk at about 1 year of age. Kids just learning to walk can push this toy from behind until they are more steady on their feet. Due to the smooth caster wheels, which are non-marking and ultra quiet, toddlers will enjoy zooming this around the yard or living room. This is one of the best toddler toys for boys!

2. Mega Bloks Play 'n Go Table

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This portable table has great storage, because it houses all the blocks directly underneath the top. Young children will learn to demonstrate more refined hand skills for stacking blocks, while older toddlers can use it to create elaborate pretend play scenarios with the included car and racetrack. Four separate legs easily unfold to transform it into a table. The built-in carrying handle makes this a great toy to take on vacation, to cookouts, and for day trips.


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3. Aquadoodle Draw n' Doodle Mat

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Use this water filled pen to draw on a soft mat and children can enjoy learning the art of coloring without damaging the walls! The mat is big enough for one or two children to draw together. Once the water dries the slate is clean and more drawing possibilities are at your child's fingertips.
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4. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Zoo Talkers

Toddlers learn to develop a lot of vocabulary to communicate in their second year. Many toddlers will enjoy placing the people and animals in and out of the zoo, where they will learn the different animal names and sounds by activating the various buttons.
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5. Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set

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These cute little magnets make all sorts of animal sounds once they are inserted into the farm. Kids can place the front half of the horse, and the back half of the cow to make silly combinations. Even if your refrigerator is not magnetic these days, house the farm and the pieces in a container and add it to the toy room shelf.
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