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Best Toys for Toddlers

Role Play Toys, Construction Toys and Games for Kids 12 - 36 months


Toddlers, or kids ages 12 months through 36 months of age (3 years), love to participate in role play as they pretend to be just like their parents. They are generally active, and love both music and outdoor play experiences with ride-on toys. They also love construction toys, that allow them to build and use their imagination. These are some of the best toys for toddlers.

1. All-Around Easel - Step 2

All Around art Easel for 2 Step 2

Arts and crafts activities emerge at this age level with coloring, painting and play-doh. This plastic easel is easy to clean and also comes with several foam alphabet letters that stick to the magnetic surface.

2. Baby Dolls


This list of baby dolls includes popular brands like Cabbage Patch Kids, Bitty Baby and Corolle dolls. Toddlers like soft bodied baby dolls, and the Corolle dolls have their own unique baby powder scent. These dolls make a great first companion for young toddlers. Don’t forget your baby doll accessories either, so children can be just their parents carrying, rocking, feeding and walking their babies.

3. Build-A-Bouqet Flower Arrangement Set - Green Toys

Green Toys Build-A-Bouquet toy flower set
©Green Toys

Boys and girls love to begin to stack and construct at this age. By placing flower stems and petals in the green pegboard, within minutes kids can design their own unique flower arrangements.

4. Duplo Busy Farm Book

LEGO Duplo Farm Book

From an early age kids are able to use the larger DUPLO sets to stack pieces together. There is now an accompanying children’s book where kids can see the designs step by step, and also see how the items they construct actually come to life with the story from the book.

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5. Happitaps - Infantino

Happitaps Infantino

This is a plush toy that an iPhone or iTouch fits inside. The screen becomes the face of either the dog or the bear. The app animates the animals face and has familiar songs that encourage kids to interact by playing peek-a-boo, listening to stories and singing along. There are 7 games included with this free app.

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6. Kiwi Crate Subscription

Kiwi Crate
©Kiwi Crate

I would have never thought about subscription services for my child this early on, but Kiwi Crate is one of the best gifts to get for the child who has every toy imaginable. Parents or gift givers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. A themed kit arrives on the doorstep of the house in the mail and encourages kids to partake in activities that center around the boxes unique theme.

7. Little Pim

Little Pim Giftset
©Little Pim

Though there aren't specific toys, for children that have family members from different countries, they may enjoy learning songs and vocabulary through music CD's and DVD's featuring languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, and Portuguese.

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8. Musical Instruments from B. Toys

B. Toys Woofer Guitar

B.Toys makes some unbelievable musical instruments for kids that are not only cool in their design, but they play lots of appropriate songs. There is more skill involved with these musical instruments for interested kids besides pushing a button. Children can play with this guitar in acoustic or woof mode, or they can be the conductor of their own orchestra with the Symphony in B toy.

9. Play Kitchens

Sesame Street Come N' Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe

Toddlers love to begin to pretend to be short order cooks. There isn’t just 1 play kitchen I’m partial to, so make sure to peruse this list that includes a variety of play kitchens. Also, make sure to check out each kitchen for additional accessories, and don’t forget to buy your play food!

10. Ride-On Toys

©Ybike / Pricegrabber

Toddlers love to move and this list of fun, ride on toys will have them zooming around the yard and the driveway with your supervision in no time!

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