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Toy Train Sets


Many young children, especially boys, love to play with trains and interconnecting train sets. There are many different varieties of train sets available for children of all ages that include wooden train sets, interactive talking train sets, and electrical train sets. Several of the popular children's television shows for toddlers and preschoolers (2-5 year olds) such as Chuggington, Thomas and Friends and Dinosaur Train, also have toy train sets that will engage the imagination of their biggest rail fans on the comfort of their living room floor. Amazingly, many of the wooden train sets are universal, allowing different sets to be expanded to the interest of the child. Most of these train sets also have additional accessories that can be purchased separately as children expand their collections. If you are purchasing a train set, also consider a train table, as a way to store and organize toys. These are some of the best toy train sets for kids.

1. Big Jigs Town & Country Train Set

Big Jigs Town & Country Wooden Train Set
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This classic wooden train set includes 101 pieces and is recommended for kids ages 3 and up. Included along with the rails, are also various play figures such as houses, a bridge, cars, people, and trees.

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2. Chuggington Wooden Railway Set

Chuggington Wooden Train Set
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Chuggington is a popular children's television show for preschoolers. These wooden train sets, recommended for kids ages 3 and up, include a variety of 2-in-1 buildings that can be purchased additionally, that are featured in the show as well. These wooden tracks are universal and compatible with other train sets. A variety of track layouts are also available for view online at Learning Curve to vary play.

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3. Chuggington Interactive Railway

Chuggington Interactive Railway
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Utilizing SmartTalk technology, the tracks in this railway are plastic, but easily snapped together by young children. The engines are interactive, speaking several different phrases, depending on the accessory the train is in front of. The engines are also able recognize each other. Additional accessories are available for purchase. These engines are quite large, but will also run along the wooden tracks as well.

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4. Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Motorized Set

Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Train Set
©Learning Curve

For your kids that are dinosaur fans in general or fans of Dinosaur Train, a Jim Henson television show on PBS, this playset marries two concepts many little boys love, trains and dinosaurs. With the push of a button, the train is motorized and capable of pulling two train cars. The set includes characters from the show, Buddy and Mr. Conductor. Lights and sounds are triggered on top of the mountain. This set is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

5. Fisher-Price Geo Trax Transportation System

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Train Set
©Fisher-Price / ©PriceGrabber

Recommended for kids ages 2-7, Geotrax is a remote control train that moves in both forward and reverse by moving the control forward or backward. Additional accessory sets can be purchased to add-on to this set as well. When the train is dropped onto the track, the wheels automatically align, making it easy for young children to put on and off the track.

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6. MEGA Bloks Thomas & Friends Misty Island

Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Misty Island train set
©Mega Bloks / ©PriceGrabber

For those of you with children ages 3 and up who love construction, or block building toys, Mega Bloks has two popular train sets from Thomas & Friends and Chuggington that encourage children to use their fine motor skills to follow the directions and build the train sets using blocks.

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7. Richard Scarry Busytown Roadway Starter Playset

Richard Scarry Busytown Starter Set
©The Bridge Direct/ ©PriceGrabber

Though this isn't an actual train set, these plastic roadway tracks are also compatible with the wooden train sets, so definitely worth a mention in this category, making this a unique set to expand train sets into a town. Several different playsets like a fire house and town hall, conceptualized from the Richard Scarry children's television show, are also available to expand this set.

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8. Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway

Thomas & Friends Wooden Train Set
©Learning Curve / ©PriceGrabber

This wooden train set includes the iconic characters from the Thomas & Friends television program. Engines and several different accessory sets are available to add-on based on the child's interests.

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9. Thomas & Friends Early Engineers

Thomas & Friends Quarry Early Engineers
©Learning Curve/ ©PriceGrabber

For young children, 18 months and up, the Early Engineers line allows young hands to insert the train accessories into the base, because it is as simple as putting a circle into a puzzle. The wooden tracks are also encased in plastic, so they do not come apart, which reduces frustration in young children. This is a great starter set for young children, because it can also be used in conjunction with the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway as children get older. Track layouts are also available to view online at Learning Curve.

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