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Preschool Toys

Games, Activities and Toys for Kids ages 3-5


Preschool aged children, or kids between the ages of 3 and 5, love role play, pretend play, simple games and are delving right into the world of both television and technology. These are some of the best toys for preschool aged children, that are rich in educational content, encourage kids to explore their imagination, and include some of the most coveted toys from popular children’s television programming like Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Chuggington.

1. Big Boots Ambusher - Fisher-Price

Big Boots Ambusher Fisher-Price

This all-terrain vehicle is used to track down the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. This dinosaur toy set comes with a smaller ATV, as well as 4 big-boots characters. The big-boots figures, no matter which way they are dropped, will always land on their feet.

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2. Bucky the Pirate Ship - Fisher-Price

Bucky the Pirate Ship
©Fisher-Price / ©Disney

Pirate toys are popular amongst this age group, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney Junior has recently released this new pirate ship that rocks and sways when it is pulled. With the simple push of a button, doors open to reveal fun characters from the show and cannons fire.

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3. Chuggington Wilson's Wild Ride Train Set - TOMY

Wilson's Wild Ride - Chuggington trains

Chuggington is a popular animated train television show series for preschool ages that feature several young “trainees” who are learning the ropes of being good, hard working trains. The characters are learning the values of teamwork and friendship. Several different Chuggington toys and train sets have been developed around this unique show. This new train set by TOMY, Wilson's Wild Ride, encourages kids to expand their play by building very high vertical track systems.

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4. Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-up Doll - Just Play

Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-UP Doll
©Just Play

Doc McStuffins is the "Dr. Doolittle" of children’s toys, as she fixes them in her backyard clinic. This doll is already flying off the shelves and a hard to find item. Aside from the Doc McStuffins doll, children can use Doc’s medical tools to bring her plush friend Lambie to life. Lambie speaks her own phrases. Kids can sing along with Doc with her magical stethoscope to the “Time for Your Check-Up” song.

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5. Dolls

Corolle Baby Doll

Preschool aged children love to care for baby dolls. Instead of just carrying them around, this age group will enjoy nurturing play to feed, soothe, carry around and care for their dolls just as their parents would, so don’t forget to look for baby doll accessories such as strollers, carriers, and play yards that will expand their pretend play fun. With the release of the Disney - Pixar animated movie, Brave, there are also several different Princess Merida dolls and playsets available as well.

6. Dora the Explorer Let's Play Backpack Game - Discovery Bay Games

Dora the Explorer Duo Backpack
©Discovery Bay Games

Preschoolers are learning how to play games and expanding earlier and earlier into the realm of technology toys and this cute backpack sits on top of the iPad. Download the free app, then you child will answer questions in the app by placing a token on top of the backpack. If they answer correctly, the token will drop into the backpack.

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7. Duplo Cinderella’s Castle

DUPLO Cinderella's Castle

For the first time, LEGO has included Disney princess characters in their construction kits. This is a 2-level castle with big doors, towers, a fireplace, chandeliers, staircase, and beds. Cinderella and Prince Charming figures are included. Additional, smaller sets are available for purchase.

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8. InnoTab 2 - VTech

InnoTab2 from VTech

The first generation InnoTab was released last year in 2011. This year, the InnoTab2 has debuted with a new, rotating camera that allows kids to take pictures and videos of themselves or others. There is an SD card slot with up to 32 GB of memory for additional e-books, games, music and video content. A wifi version, the InnoTab 2s, will be released soon, which includes wifi capabilities for downloading. Content can be downloaded online or cartridges can be purchased with popular characters like Cars, Dora the Explorer, and Disney Princesses.

9. Kinect Sesame Street TV

Kinect sesame tv

Now fun, educational content from Sesame Street is available for kids ages 3 and up during this interactive family game. Children can interact with their favorite characters, while they learn basic letter, number and educational skills. Availble for purchase as a subscription for use with the Microsoft XBox Kinect gaming system.

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10. Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate
©Kiwi Crate

These arts and crafts subscription kits are the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the child who you think has every toy imaginable. The kits are themed and children can complete simple activities with high quality materials.

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