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Best Toys for Boys Ages 8-12


Boys ages 8-12 can be a challenge to still find toys for, as many of them when asked for gift ideas would prefer sports equipment, gift cards to purchase music or apps for their iPod, or Xbox Kinect, Wii, or Nintendo DS games for their gaming devices. Deep down in the heart of these young boys, there is still a need for some fun though, and these are some of the best toys available for boys ages 8-12.

1. Animal Planet Air Swimmers

These are helium filled air balloon toys that can be purchased as either a shark or clown fish that are remote controlled! 4 "AAA" batteries are included. However, the helium tank is sold separately. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
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2. Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

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For those of you with kids who love Angry Birds, Mattel has created the board game version! Who knew things would happen in reverse, starting in the digital world, then ending up with an actual game! In this game, to win collect enough points to build your structure faster than your friends can knock it down with an Angry Bird! The game includes three Angry Birds, four green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, 14 structure pieces, 40 mission cards, 16 points cards, a bonus points star, and a bonus points egg.

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3. Beyblade

Pick your favorite spinning top, and launch your it into the center of the arena to battle your opponent. The last top spinning wins! Kids will want to trade, collect and analyze their Beyblades to develop a winning strategy.
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4. Air Hogs Hyperactives

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These remote controlled cars drive extremely fast reaching speeds of up to 20 miles per hour! Tires are interchangeable and kids can play together using multiple cars. The rollbar allows for the car to right itself if it lands on it's side. Requires 6 "AA" batteries that are not included. Recommended for boys ages 12-15.

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5. LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan Game

©LEGO / ©PriceGrabber
There are a variety of LEGO games available where kids build the game with actual LEGO pieces, then follow the instructions to play until there's a winner. The game takes 10-20 minutes to play and is for 2-4 players. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
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6. Xploderz XGround Pounder 2500

©Maya Group / ©PriceGrabber

Recommended for boys ages 8 and up, this is a new line of blasters. First, the blaster pellets are grown using water. The XGround Pounder 2500 can launch blasters up to 100 feet and holds 250 rounds of ammmo. The company reports that the ammo can shoot far, but is "soft enough to disintegrate on impact and it's paintball without the pain." Parents should continue to supervise their children when playing with this toy and kids should not shoot directly at each other in the head or the eyes.

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Nerf darts have been really popular as kids launch their favorite velcro-tipped darts at friends, targets and family members. The new Vortex line includes many new offerings that are disc launchers. Different blasters are available at different price points. Some blasters like the NERF VORTEX PROTON Blaster are single launchers that hold up to 3 discs, while the NERF VORTEX NITRON blaster can hold up to 20 with a removable clip. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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8. Mechatar

©Bossa Nova Robotics / ©PriceGrabber
These remote controlled robots are able to communicate with each other through RF technology. Players can maneuver their Mechatar by themselves, or if there is more than one, they can battle their friends robots. There is also an online component to this game where your Mechatar can gain experience and get stronger.
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9. Quelf

©Spinmaster / ©PriceGrabber

This game is recommended for ages 12 and up and is full of random rules. Pick one of the 8 crazy characters to be when maneuvering the game board. Follow the rules that will have players answer questions or complete crazy stunts all to advance forward to the finish line. Showbiz questions will entertain the crowd, Stuntz questions include bizarre acts, moves or creations. Roolz cards require players to follow a crazy rule such as "Snort like pigs when you laugh." Quizzle cards include trivia and Scatterbrainz cards encourages players to give answers on ridiculous topics.

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10. Redakai

Do your kids enjoy trading card games like Pokemon and Bakugan? These 3Dmatik cards are stacked on top of each other on the XReader. Redakai is different than other card games, because upon stacking the cards, there are special special effects. This pack comes with 22 cards and the XReader acts as a storage case. There is a basic game as well as an advanced version, and this card game involves a lot of gaming strategy.
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11. Hexbugs

These tiny battery operated, robotic Nano bugs, come in several different collectible colors. They are designed to act like real bugs! When turned on and placed inside one of their special habitats, the Nano bugs can compete against each other and work together to find their way directly through the different phases of the habitat. This particular set glows in the dark when the lights are turned off and additional Hexbugs can be purchased separately.
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