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Best Toys for Teens

Gaming systems, Board games and Fun Things for Kids 13 and up


Teenagers, teenagers. They will surely let you know what’s on their wish list this holiday season, and it will probably come in the way of being expensive technology products like iPods, iPads, new phones, tablets, designer clothes or iTunes gift cards. As parents though, it can be so difficult to find items that we can wrap up, leave under the tree and provide an element of surprise. So what are the best toys for teenagers? This is a list of my favorite toys for teenagers.

1. Action Shot Cameras - Jakks Pacific

Action Shot Camera Jakks Pacific
©Jakks Pacific

These portable video cameras can be mounted onto a helmet, coat, bicycle, or handlebars for kids to take pictures and video of their cool stunts and tricks. The HD Camera is $99.99 and the SD Camera is $49.99. Both cameras have a rechargeable battery.

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2. Air Hogs Heli Replay

Air Hogs Heli Replay Spinmaster

This remote controlled airplane can either be flown from the remote control, or a free app, downloaded right on your smartphone. Can be used with Apple and Android devices.

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3. XBox 360 with KINECT Sensor - Microsoft

XBox 360 with Kinect Microsoft

Xbox 360 is a video game system. However, when the Kinect sensor is purchased to use in conjunction with the XBox 360, your child will literally step into the video game they are playing and their body becomes the controller. It’s a great way to get physical exercise, as well as a fun gaming system the entire family will enjoy using together. Aside from special interest games like Special Opps and Star Wars, there are games for girls like Dance Central 3 and Dance Party 4. This system will unite the whole family in game play.

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4. Wii U - Nintendo

Wii U Nintendo

The Wii U brings video game play away from just standing in front of the television and allows kids to play anywhere with this portable handheld console. Start playing games on the television, in traditional Wii fashion, finish playing games using the Wii U console a handheld device with touch screen and wifi capabilities.

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5. Playstation Vita - Sony

Playstation Vita gaming device

This is a portable handheld gaming system built for true gamers. It includes wifi capabilities, and some models can be purchased with 3G services to play online, anywhere. An additional touch screen is also included on the back of the device for an entirely different gaming experience.

6. NERF Elite Blasters - Hasbro

NERF N-Strike Elite Hail-fire

NERF Blasters are popular toys that adults and kids love. Using foam darts, this new line of blasters are motorized. This projects darts faster and even further than before.

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7. Skylanders Giant Toys - Activision

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders are unique toys that enhance the Wii, Playstation 3 or XBox 360 gaming experiences. Children can use their Skylanders on any gaming platform. Their game play is stored right on the Skylander toy, so this allows them to transport their progress and play with their friends, without issues of compatibility.

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8. iPad/iPhone/iPod Toys

LazerTag Hasbro

A lot of teenagers have iPhones, iPods or iPads. This list is entirely dedicated to the types of gaming accessories that can be purchased specifically for an apple iOs device. Want to go fishing, or play a game of Lazer Tag? These augmented reality experiences bring a lot of fun to these devices.

9. LEGO Sets - LEGO

Lord of the Rings LEGO

Many kids, no matter how young or old, love constructing with LEGO’s. There are Harry Potter LEGO’s, Lord of the Rings LEGO’s, Star Wars LEGOs, and special building kits for master builders.

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10. Twister Dance -Hasbro

Twister Dance Hasbro

The is the best gift for teenage girls who love to dance. Twister Dance allows them to hook up their MP3 device and play music right on the console. The console will show various colors, and kids will need to quickly move their body to the proper sequence. The console also features music from pop singers like Britney Spears.

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