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Top 6 Cinderella Toys


Cinderella is a charming fairy story of dreams coming true. Toys based on Cinderella have always been popular. There are lots of wonderful Cinderella toys out in the stores including a Cinderella doll, a Cinderella castle, Cinderella glass slippers and a Cinderella pumpkin horse and carriage. Now you can turn your little girl's fairy tales into reality with these lovely Cinderella toys.

1. Disney Princess Musical Cinderella Doll

This musical Cinderella doll from Mattel is a vision in blue. Cinderella's gown is a beautiful blue with a lace trim. It has jewels on it which make it sparkle. When a button is pressed on it's base, the doll spins and music begins to play. Overall, this is a lovely Cinderella doll to play with, except for the fact that this is more like a showpiece rather than a doll whose clothes you can change and hair you can make.
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2. Disney Princess: Cinderella's Glass Slipper Boutique

Disney Princess: Cinderella's Glass Slipper Boutique
Acro Toys Ltd
Cinderella is incomplete without her glass slippers. This enchanting play set comes with a shoe display case, shoes, shoe boxes, full-length mirror and Cinderella's little mouse friend, Gus.
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3. Bella Cinderella Magical Princess Dance Studio

Bella Dancerella Disney Princess Dance Studio
Spin Master
The Bella Cinderella Dance Studio from Spinmaster is an instructional DVD and a dance mat which teaches your little ones how to waltz and dance just like Cinderella. Ten dances and 8 songs are included. The little girls learn how to move with the help of the instructional DVD which shows them where to place their feet at each step. Tips on how to behave like a princess and a musical wand with accessories like a magic star, a fairy duster, and a ribbon complete this Cinderella dance studio.
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4. Disney Princess: Cinderella Magical Talking Vanity - Arbor Toys Co

Disney Princess: Cinderella Magical Talking Vanity
Your little angel wants to get ready for her big party and, just like her mommy, wants to do so in front of her own vanity. In comes Arbor Toys' Cinderella Magical Talking Vanity, sure to bring out the princess in your little one. At the touch of a button, Cinderella's face appears in the mirror. Using the key triggers off several talking phrases. The Vanity is made of durable plastic although the seat seemed to be a wee bit flimsy and is not intended for anyone over 40-45 lbs.
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5. V Smiles Smartridge: Cinderella's Magic Wishes - Vtech

V Smiles Smartridge: Cinderella's Magic Wishes
V Tech
This entertaining and educational game and activity cartridge can be used only with V-Tech's V Smile line of electronic toys. This is our only complaint - such a superb creation should be made for multi-platforms such as DVDs, VCRs and the like. The games are sure to make your Cinderella overcome problems to become the Princess that she is. This cartridge is in the form of a video game and teaches problem solving, number counting, understanding and recognizing shapes, patterns, and music.
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6. Disney Princess: Cinderella's Enchanted Evening Castle - Mattel

Disney Princess: Cinderella's Enchanted Evening Castle - Mattel
Out of all the Disney Princess stories, none has left such a lasting effect as the fairytale ballroom dance of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls (from Mattel, of course!) actually waltz on the dance floor of this two level playhouse. You can fold this castle when not in play. Opening it reveals a dance floor, a dress stand and more. A clock chimes at midnight (just as in the story). A door latch to the castle can be worn by a little girl as a ring.
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