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Lila - A Life Like Baby Doll Who Actually Talks From Corolle Dolls

This baby doll is absolutely adorable - just like a real baby!


Corolle has outdone itself with the Baby Doll Lila. Lila is the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Awards, one of the most highly regarded awards in the toy industry today.

Every toddler is fascinated by other babies. Babies hold an enormous appeal for most little kids. Perhaps it is the fact that they were babies themselves just recently, or maybe they have an inborn nuturing instinct. Whatever the reason for the attraction towards babies, every little kid is sure to love the baby doll Lila.

Lila the baby doll is just like a real live baby in many ways! Lila makes sounds just like a real baby, looks like a real baby, is about the size of a real baby of 6 months, and also comes with accessories that could be possibly mistaken for those of a real baby! Give Lila her milk bottle and she actually makes a sucking sound while feeding. After feeding, tickle and squeeze Lila, and she laughs. Lila also babbles, trying to talk baby talk and cries too.

Lila is 17" tall. and Corolle has included lots of accessories with this baby doll. Lila comes with her pretty white bib. Also included is a small cuddle pink teddy bear for Lila to clutch, a tiny milk bottle, and the cutest possible pink and white cap.

She has 2 pink hear tattoos on the back of her left hand and a white ribbon on her left wrist. If Lila cries too much, you can give her a baby pink translucent pacifier with a pink bow attached to keep her quiet. Lila is dressed in an adorable pink jumpsuit. She is 17" tall, so you can easily dress and undress her.

You will require 3 AAA batteries, not included. Corolle could have easily included these batteries for the price that is being paid for Lila. However, this is the only negative aspect of the lovely Lila, who is almost perfect in every way.

The bottom line is that every parent should consider buying a baby doll for their child, this will create gentler feelings in them, and teach them caring and sharing techniques. Though Lila the baby doll is slightly expensive (normally retails for about $52.99), it is well worth the investment. Your child will spend many magical hours playing with and caring for the baby doll Lila.

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