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Storytelling and Singing Princess Belle Doll Review

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Storytelling and Singing Princess Belle Doll Review
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This large, 20 inch Princess Belle doll, is recommended for kids ages 3-5. Belle is the princess from Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie. This doll has a plush body which allows it to sit up when placed. Belle is wearing a version of her classic yellow ballgown inspired from the movie, as well as a jeweled tiara. Different accessories like a story book with moving pages and characters from the movie can be placed in her right hand. Belle will either sing portions of songs from the movie, read a story, or interact with the child by speaking one of her 100 different phrases.

The Doll Includes:

- Jeweled Tiara

- Lumiere figure

- Mrs. Potts figure

- Chip figure

- Microphone

- Storybook

- Brush

- Pair of shoes

- 100 spoken phrases

- 8 minutes of stories and songs included

- 3 AAA batteries required (included)

- Phillips screwdriver required for battery assembly

My Review

The Storytelling and Singing Belle is one of the newest Disney Princess toys. This large, 20 inch baby doll with a soft body arrives wearing a yellow, ruffled ballgown, which is inspired by her outfit from the movie. Belle's arms and legs are plastic, but her soft body allows her to remain upright when placed in a sitting position. Belle's clothing has velcro fasteners and is fairly easy to take off and put back on. However, there are two strings that need to be cut underneath Belle's skirt, in order for the dress to be removed completely. There is an additional compartment on Belle's back underneath her clothing that is accessible with velcro. In this compartment is a power on/off switch. This Belle doll has an automatic shut off feature that will put the doll in sleep mode, if she is not played with for a short period of time.

Belle has very thick, long, brown hair and arrives wearing a tiara. Her hair is pulled back in clear elastic behind the tiara. There is clear elastic that holds her tiara in place. The tiara is also attached directly to Belle's hair. I removed the clear elastics supporting her hair and the tiara, but I did not cut the strings that would remove the tiara from her head permanently. Her hair is thick, but is easily brushed with the included hairbrush.

Aside from being similar to most fashion dolls with the ability to style her hair and change her clothing, this doll is very different in terms of its interactive nature. Various toy characters from the movie (Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Chip)can be placed in Belle's right hand. She will recognize each toy and either ask the child questions or involve them in pretend play by encouraging them to participate in a tea party.

If Belle's microphone is placed in her right hand and brought to her mouth, she will sing phrases from two familiar songs from the movie. When the storybook is placed in her right hand, Belle will begin to tell the story of her life in a village, wandering into the forest in search of her father and happening upon the beast's castle.

It can be difficult to carry the doll and all the included pieces at the same time, so I would suggest getting a small bag for the items to be stored in, so that if the child is moving around the house or taking the doll on a visit that they can easily bring the accessories. This is a great doll for little girls who are in love with Belle and Beauty and the Beast. Given the interactive nature of the doll and the ability to recognize the included toys and movie characters, it provides kids with a variety of ways to be entertained with the doll.

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