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Doc McStuffins Doll - "Time for Your Check Up" Doll

Interactive Doll based on the New Disney Junior Show, Doc McStuffins

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Doc McStuffins doll
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Doc McStuffins is a popular new show for preschool aged kids on the Disney Junior channel. Doc McStuffins fixes toys in her backyard clinic. She sings the "Time for Your Check-Up" song before she does her examination, which teaches young children about all the activities that doctor's perform during the process. This is one of the popular, new toys released in conjuction with this popular children's television show.

What's Included

This doll set from Just Play includes 7 pieces:

- 10 inch Doc McStuffins dressed in her white lab coat wearing a cute outfit with pink sparkly shoes and headband wearing her talking magical stethoscope

- When the band-aid on the stethoscope is pushed, the Doc McStuffins doll sings the "Time for Your Check-up" song

- Plush 8 inch Lambie doll who speaks phrases when Doc's magic stethoscope is placed on her and giggles with the thermometer

- Doctor's purple bag bag has an otoscope, thermometer and comb

My Review

Back at Toy Fair I attended a Disney Junior Channel event that previewed a lot of the new shows and toys that were created in conjunction with the shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins. After finally seeing the debuts of some of these shows once the new station went live, the outpouring of love for Doc McStuffins is tremendous amongst children of all ages and their parents. Even little boys, like my son, are enthralled and infatuated with these unique characters that work hard at taking care of each other's health and wellness, in a funny, kid-friendly way.

There are several toys that have been released featuring Doc McStuffins and her friends Lambie, Chilly and Stuffie the Dragon. This large play doll also has interactive features. Unlike other dolls that sing, whose songs are often short, the length of the song is good, and the audio quality is clear. Additionally, Doc speaks her favorite line from the show, "I have a diagnosis!"

These dolls and anything Doc McStuffins related, are flying off the shelves at retailers are sure to be a big fan favorite through the holiday season.

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