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Amazing Amanda Doll

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The Bottom Line

The Amazing Amanda doll is for those people who are looking for something different in a doll. As robotic pets like the Roboraptor gain in popularity, dolls like Amazing Amanda are not far behind! Amazing Amanda will teach a few things to your kids, and will keep them occupied for hours on end with her cute antics. Amazing Amanda is a part of the new generation of dolls - Amanda's success or failure will determine if more dolls like her are seen in the future.


  • Amazing Amanda is very life-like, interactive and entertaining
  • Amazing Amanda recognizes her "mommy's" voice and some objects
  • Amanda is truly a unique doll - the next generation of dolls?
  • Kids can learn from Amazing Amanda
  • Amazing Amanda can keep kids entertained for hours


  • Lots of programming is required to start Amazing Amanda
  • On occasion, Amanda will not recognize her "mommy's" voice
  • Amanda is amazingly heavy on batteries
  • Amazing Amanda may scare or startle your child


  • Amazing Amanda has very life-like expressions
  • Amazing Amanda talks and behaves just like a toddler
  • The Amazing Amanda doll works on batteries
  • Kids may either love or get scared of Amanda!
  • Amanda is good for older kids above the age of 5

Guide Review - Amazing Amanda Doll

The Good: The Amazing Amanda doll is definately not your ordinary run-of-the-mill doll. Amazing Amanda is equipped with voice recognition software which enables the doll to understand and recognize her owner's voice. The Amazing Amanda doll also can recognize objects like the included toothbrush, sippy cup, food like pizza or a cookie, a potty and much more. What really makes Amazing Amanda seem real and life-like are the doll's expressions. Amanda can smile when happy and pout when sad. It's a little unnerving how real Amazing Amanda appears to be. Amazing Amanda can play games with your child, sing, pretend to eat and even go to the potty.

The Bad: Amazing Amanda requires an initial effort in programming her to recognize her "mommy's" voice. The time and date also have to be set within the doll in order for all her features to work properly. The setup is time intensive, and is the most annoying part about the doll. Another common complaint with the doll is that Amazing Amanda is rather heavy on batteries.

The Ugly: If you don't do the programming properly, you may encounter some anomalies within the doll. Amazing Amanda may not always recognize your child's voice, even after repeated attempts to program her. The main point to keep in mind is that your child may get scared or startled by the doll. And last, but not the least, the price is a big negative factor. The doll is expensive, and keep in mind that you will have to spend on replacement batteries as well.

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