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Health and Safety Concerns with Toys

We address Toy safety and health concerns with lots of articles on toy safety, hazardous toy lists, toy recalls, toys to avoid , what to keep out of the hands of kids, and many more safety related articles.
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How to Avoid Buying Toys on Vacation
When on vacation with your family most museums and rides end with expensive gift store toys. Planning ahead and pre-purchasing some toys and books may help avoid gift shop tantrums.

Eco-Friendly Kids Toy Companies

Spring Cleaning Tips for Toys
Here are some spring cleaning tips for toys that include how to organize, store and donate toys.

Where Can I Donate Used Toys?
As your children get older and you start to clean-out the playroom to make way for new toys, games and activities, many parents often ask this question, "Where Can I Donate Used Toys?"

Neat-Oh Zip Bins
Toys pile up very quickly and then it can be a real challenge to keep the living spaces and playrooms clean, neat and organized. Neat-Oh has a unique zip bin concept that transforms toy storage bins and backpacks into play mats and alternative play spaces.

Toy Recalls
This is a list of all of the toy recalls by the CPSC for 2012.

What if Teddy Needs a Bath?
If you have ever wondered how to clean large stuffed animals, Teddy Needs a Bath may be your solution. Place the teddy bear, stuffed animal or baby doll in this large bag, zip it up, wash it in a front loading washer, then dry it in the dryer. Your child's favorite friend will emerge clean and good as new! For sick children, or those with...

How to Clean Toys?
Have you ever wondered how to clean toys? Lots of babies and infants engage with toys by putting them in their mouth or drooling on them. Older toddlers and preschoolers like to play with manipulatives such as blocks and trains. However, children can spread sickness to others simply by touching and playing with toys. Have you ever wondered how...

CPSC Toy Recalls for 2011
This is a list of the most recent toy recalls from the CPSC in 2011.

How Do I Know My Child's Toys Are Safe?
How do we make sure that a child's toys are safe to play with, so that they are not too small for them to choke on or that they don't contain toxins or lead paint that could harm them? Learn about small parts labels, how to sign up for toy recalls, and what companies are doing to develop safe toys.

Ten Steps Toward Safer Toys
Ten Steps Toward Safer Toys - Easy Ways to Ensure That Your Child Only Plays With Safe Toys

Quick Tip: Pay Attention To Manufacturers’ Age Guidelines
Quick Tip: Pay Attention To Manufacturers’ Age Guidelines

Choose Safe Toys
Safe toys are absolutely crucial for the health and wellness of our kids. There's been a lot of hue and cry about toxic and unsafe toys which have been endangering our children's health. The Congress has passed a law which bans the sale of unsafe toys containing certain hazardous chemicals. Choose only safe toys for your kids by following just a few simple steps.

What are Phthalates?
Phthalates are esters of phthalic acid. They are oily, color-free, odorless, non evaporating compounds used in a wide variety of industrial processes. There are many forms of phthalates, differing in their chemical structure.

What is BPA?
BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. BPA is an organic compound. There has been a lot of hue and cry about the fact that BPA and epoxy resin are present in children's products like baby bottles and plastic toys. BPA happens to be the main component of polycarbonate, from which certain plastic toys like rattles and teethers are made of.

Beware of Toxic Toys
I can't begin to stress how important it is for proper control to be imposed on toy manufacturers importing toys to prevent toxic toys from entering the country. These toxic toys should not be allowed to come into our stores and pose a danger to our children. HealthyToys.org has released a report testing more than 1500 toys, out of which a large number of toys have been shown to be toxic.

Toys Made in USA
I've been working on this Made in USA toys article for quite a while now. Lots of toys I've come across are designed in the USA, but made in China and other places around the world. There are only a handful of toy manufacturers who still make toys within the US. With the recent toy recalls, people are becoming more wary of toys made outside the USA. Here's a look at what I came up with - a select…

Organic Toys
Organic toys are gaining in popularity. People who are concerned by issues like genetic modifications, pesticides, antibiotics in food and other similar issues, they feel more comfortable when their babies and children play with organic toys. Just like organic food, organic toys use materials that are farmed naturally. They usually consist of 100% organic cotton, 100% organic wool and other fully…

Eco-friendly Toys
Safe and eco-friendly toys are the way to go this year. Eco-friendly toys are made from natural, safe materials which do not harm the environment. Eco-friendly, or green toys, as they are known as, are not hard to find if you know where to look! There are certain speciality manufacturers who take great pride in their eco-friendly products. Some of these manufacturers include the German company Ha…

Why Are Toys Containing Lead or Lead Paint Dangerous?
The recent toy recall affecting millions of toys was due to abnormally high levels of lead in the surface paint. Toys that have high levels of lead are dangerous and pose a health hazard to our children. Take a look at why exposure to lead is dangerous for kids.

Dangerous Toys - A Checklist
Dangerous toys are everywhere. Millions of dangerous toys are being recalled because of various reasons. The most common reasons which make toys dangerous are magnets, high levels of lead and small detachable parts in the toys. If you're concerned about dangerous toys in your home, here's a quick checklist of things you can do to help.

Toy Boxes For Toy Storage
Storing toys is a breeze with these handy and good looking toy boxes. These toy boxes are perfect for just about any child's room! Here are some great recommendations for Toy Boxes from your guide to Toys at About.com.

Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween is a fun time for you and your kids. However, it is important to observe a few basic safety precautions this Halloween in order to make your Halloween a safe and happy one. CSPC.gov has released this wonderful release with tips and tricks on how to make your Halloween a safe one!

Kid Safety In Your Backyard
Did you know there are many hidden hazards in your own backyard which hamper kid safety? Read these top Kid Safety Tips and protect your child while playing in your backyard. It is essential to impose kid safety restrictions while playing outdoors.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips
Swimming Pool Safety is very important to prevent accidents from occuring. These basic pool safety tips are a must read for all parents with pools in the backyard, or with children who go swimming elsewhere. Protect your child against drowning with these simple swimming pool safety tips.

Basic Playground Safety
Safeguard your child by following these Basic Playground Safety Tips. Whether you have a playset in your backyard, or your child plays in a playground elsewhere, make sure that playground safety is enforced and maintained to avoid unncessary accidents. Follow these playground safety tips while installing your own playset.

Razor USA Announces Recall Of Razor Electric Scooters
Razor USA LLC has announced the recall of approximately 246,000 units of the Razor Electric Scooter. The model numbers which have been recalled are E300, E300S, E200 and E200S. The Razor scooters have been recalled due to a faulty weld. Read on for the full details about the Razor Electric Scooter Recall.

Toy Safety Recalls - MGA Entertainment Bratz Stylin' Scooter Recall
Information on the toy safety recalls of the MGA Entertainment Bratz Stylin' Scooter Recall from the CSPC and MGA Entertainment

Before You Buy A Toy For Your Child - Toy Safety Checklist
Before you buy a toy for your child, you have to check if the toy is right for your child's age, and whether it is safe enough for your precious little one. Here are some pointers to guide you in buying the right as well as safe toy for your child.

Before You Buy A Kid's Bike - Safe Bike Construction Checklist
Buying a kid's bike is not easy. You have to get the perfect bike for your child based on the child's age, height, gender, and type of terrain the bike is going to be ridden on. Above all, the bike has to be sturdy and safe and able to withstand pressure. Here is a list of what to look for in regards to safe construction of a kid's bike.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lightning PAC Scooters and MX3 Mini Bikes Recall
Fisher Price has announced the recall of approximately 25,000 units of the Power Wheels Lightning PAC Scooters and 5,000 units of the Power Wheels MX3 Mini Bikes. The Fisher Price scooters and bikes have been recalled due to a risk of injury. Read on for the full details about the Fisher Price Power Wheels Recall.

How To Choose The Right Helmet For Your Kid's Bike
Choosing the right helmet for your kid's bike is a must right from the time your child begins to ride a tricycle. Safety is of prime importance. Picking the right helmet is easy if you follow a few of these pointers.

Toysafety.net is a project of the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs). provides lists of consumer tips and potentially hazardous toys, and this year's report findings and recommendations.

Toy Safety Publications
This site is from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It provides a comprehensive list of Toy Safety Publications on various toy safety related topics

Babycenter's Tips For Toy Safety
A useful set of tips on how to choose safe toys for your child

Toy Recalls and Product Safety Announcements
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission brings you this list of Toy Hazard Recalls. A must see for parents to check if your child's toy has been recalled.

The Most Dangerous Toys
Nearly every week brings a new toy recall. The CPSC is cracking down on toy manufacturers who ignore federal toy safety standards or unknowingly produce dangerous or poisonous toys. Next time you consider purchasing toys like these, pay close attention to the warning labels, small parts and dangerous pieces. If you encounter a safety problem with a toy, immediately take it away from the child an…

Get That Toy Out Of Your Mouth!
Toy Safety - How To Ensure That Your Child Is Ready For Toys With Small Parts - Toy Safety Is So Important

Children Playing With Toy Guns
The Toy Safety Debate - Children's Toy Safety and Toy Guns

Lay n' Go Lifestyle Review
Looking for toy storage ideas? Lay n' Go is a play surface that transforms into a backpack in seconds, cleaning up and storing toys instantly.

How Do You Feel About Your Children Playing With Toy Guns?
How Do You Feel About Your Children Playing With Toy Guns? The Toy Gun Debate.

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