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The Best Stocking Stuffers


Picking stocking stuffers is never an easy task, especially for kids. There are lots of stocking stuffer options out there such as school supplies, candies or even gift cards. However, if you do want to go in for something that your child will remember and appreciate, toys are a great option. Stocking stuffers are so special - they are the little "somethings" aside from the main gift that everyone looks forward to. Here's a look at the top stocking stuffer ideas for 2007.

1. Bella Sara Trading Cards

Bella Sara is a series of brand new trading cards which are making waves. Firstly, they are catered exclusively towards girls and secondly, they promote healthy thoughts. The Bella Sara trading cards are meant for ages 6-12 and feature unicorns, horses and inspirational messages. The messages like “Have the courage to trust yourself” and “Use your love to bring peace to the world” aim to introduce improve confidence and self-esteem. There's even an online community at http://www/.bellasara.com website where you can interact with other Bella Sara gamers.

2. Hasbro's Toothtunes

Toothtunes are new musical brushes that actually play hot new songs from the latest bands while you brush your teeth. Added to the great entertainment as soon as you wake up in the morning, the Toothtunes also aim to solve the problem of kids brushing their teeth for too short a time. When a button is pressed on the toothbrush, the music starts playing. The idea is to keep brushing until the music stops. The music plays for two minutes which is the minimum recommended time that kids should brush their teeth. These wonderful stocking stuffers are affordably priced at $9.99.
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3. Matchbox Cars Matchbox 75 Line

Now, who doesn't love Matchbox cars! Matchbox Cars has brought back the Matchbox 75 line this year. Several different cars make up this very popular collection. As with most matchbox cars, these 1:64 scale cars are very tough and made to be played on any surface. The details on them are amazing enough to make them appeal to collectors as well. They typically sell for $3 and make a perfect stocking stuffer.

4. Smart Sticks from Zizzle

I loved the Smart Sticks line of toys from Zizzle. They are based on the Hooked of Phonics concept and teach your young ones colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Fun sounds, music and engaging displays on the LCD screen are sure to keep your toddler busy. This product is meant for ages 2+ and has a street price of about $14.99 per model. They make excellent stocking stuffers for the little learners in your life!
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5. VideoNow FX Player

Hasbro’s VideoNow FX Player targets tweens with an easy to use mini video player that has a teensy little screen. The buttons are easy to use and there are more than 100 Videonow cartridges available to play shows, watch celebrities, music videos and cartoons on this player. The clear colorful casings on these players have a hint of tint to give them an even more sophisticated look. They are affordably priced at $36.99 and are for ages 5+. They make rather expensive, but great stocking stuffers!
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6. Purse Pals by Wild Planet

Wild Planets' Purse Pals line of pets is meant to encourage responsibility in little girls. These pets, which belong to the growing electronic pets category, come with a purse. There are interactive elements in various areas within the purse which opens up to resemble a house. When you place your pet in any of these areas, a response is displayed on the built-in LCD screen. Kids are going to love the fact that their pet tells them when it is hungry, needs to be groomed, wants to play or wants to go outside. There are various different pals available in bright, beautiful colors. They sell for $19.99 and are meant for ages 5-10.
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