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Movie and TV Toys

Is your child fascinated by the latest kid's movie released? Does your kid have a movie or a TV character he/she is crazy about? Do you want some theme toys for your kid's room? Then you have come to the right place! You will find the latest information on Kid's movie and TV Toys on this page.
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Disney Infinity Avengers Games
A new Disney Infinity Avengers game will be released, featuring characters that include Iron Man, Thor, and the Black Widow in a starter pack. Additional Avengers toys will include Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk.

New Disney Toys and Disney Store Toys For Christmas 2014
These are some of the new Disney toys and Disney Store toys for Christmas featuring Frozen toys, Doc McStuffins toys, Sofia the First toys, Guardians of the Galaxy toys, Star Wars Rebels toys, Avengers toys and Disney princess toys and dolls.

Rescue Bots Toys

New Paw Patrol Toys
Paw Patrol is an animated television show for preschool aged children. Ryder and his puppies Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Rocky, and Skye work together to complete rescue missions in Adventure Bay. New Paw Patrol toys will feature small toys with transforming backpacks, Paw Patrol plush toys, play sets and vehicles.

Reasons to Buy Disney Infinity Games
Here are my top reasons you should feel confident buying Disney Infinity games for your family. Disney Infinity has something for everyone, includes incentive based play in both physical and virtual worlds, enhances imagination and communication while providing a nice family bonding experience.

Disney Frozen Games
While there are certainly plenty of Frozen toys including dolls, magical wands, dresses, and ice castle playhouses, there are some fun Disney Frozen games, like the Wonder Forge Frozen Matching Game.

Disney Planes Sky Race Action Game Review

LEGO Mixels Sets

Disney Frozen Toys
Many children have really enjoyed the Disney movie Frozen. There are a variety of Disney Frozen toys that include a makeup vanity, Ice Palace playsets, role play costumes, and Anna and Elsa baby dolls and fashion dolls.

Muppets Most Wanted Toys

Construction Toy Buyers Guide
Now, there are several different toy companies designing collectible construction sets. Here's a “Construction Toys Buyers Guide” to help you choose between LEGO, Ionix, Kre-o and Mega Bloks sets to fit your child’s needs and interests.

Iron Man Toys and Action Figures
Last year, Marvel's The Avengers toys were very popular for young children after the blockbuster movie was released. Iron Man 3 is soon to hit the theaters. These are some new Iron Man 3 toys featuring Iron Man action figures and pictures from Hasbro and LEGO.

The Legends of CHIMA Speedorz
THE Legends of CHIMA are stories about various animal tribes that used magical CHI orbs as a source of energy. The 8 different animal tribes include lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, gorillas, ravens, rhinos and bears. In addition to television episodes kids can collect and construct a variety of LEGO Legends of CHIMA playsets. These special...

Wizard of Oz Dolls
The Wizard of Oz movie is a classic family movie. This year with the release of the prequel, Disney's OZ the Great and Powerful, there are a variety of collectible dolls and role play toys available for kids to recreate some of their favorite scenes from either movie.

Oz the Great and Powerful toys
The original Wizard of Oz movie released in 1939. Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful, the prequel to the classic favorite was just released. Whether your children are fans of the classic movie or the modern prequel, these are some Oz the Great and Powerful toys and Oz the Great and Powerful costumes that may be of interest.

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures
2013 has brought several new teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures. Playsets include pop-up pizza sets, a remote controlled shellraiser vehicle that launches sewer lids and vehicles and action figures that launch and release ooze.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and movies were a huge part of my personal childhood in the 1980's. In 2012, the 3rd animated series debuted with several different toys featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and an amazing secret sewer lair playset.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Game by Wonder Forge
Enchanted Cupcake Party is a new Disney Princess game by Wonder Forge. Kids play cooperatively by putting together cupcakes inspired by Disney Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, and Jazmine.

LEGO Legends of Chima
The newest line of construction sets for boys from LEGO, is the LEGO Legends of Chima. 8 different animal tribes inhabit Chima. These animals fight each other for natural resource, or CHI, which is a source of both life and destruction. While the LEGO Ninjago line of toys allows mini-figures to battle via spinning tops, these new collectible toy...

LEGO Legends of Chima Toys
LEGO Legends of Chima toys are fun, popular boys toys. Similar to LEGO Ninjago, it includes game play using Speedorz. Using a ripcord, figures battle to win and/or protect the powerful CHI.

Who Shook Hook, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Game by Wonder Forge
Who Shook Hook is a great turn-taking and coordination game from Wonder Forge recommended for kids ages 4 and up, that features the popular characters Jake, Izzy, Cubbie, Scully, and Captain Hook from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates television show that airs on the Disney and Disney Junior Channel.

Sofia the First Toys
Sofia the First is the newest and youngest Disney Princess to grace television screens everywhere, most recently on the Disney Junior channel. A variety of plush and role play toys have been released in conjunction with the Sofia the First movie and television show.

Top Boys Toys
These are some of the top boy toys. This list includes construction toys, LEGO Ninjago toys, Skylander toys, and remote controlled vehicles.

Extreme InterAction Dinosaur Train Toys
Extreme InterAction Dinosaur Train Toys include a variety of remote controlled dinosaurs that walk, stomp, and recognize each other. The dinosaurs in this line from TOMY are from the popular kids television show on PBS, Dinosaur Train.

Steam Team Station Thomas the Train Game
For children who love anything Thomas the Train, Discovery Bay Games has released a new game, specifically for the iPad called Steam Team Station. By placing the iPad in the console and downloading the free apps, kids are encouraged to play games with their favorite Thomas characters that involve "I Spy" activities, as well as physical play.

Collectible Toys
Each year I'm amazed how excited children are about various collectible toys. These are some of the newest collections that not only include toys, but these small items can be incorporated into various games kids can play with their friends.

Doc McStuffins Doll - "Time for Your Check Up" Doll
Doc McStuffins is a popular new show for preschool aged kids on the Disney Junior channel. Doc McStuffins fixes toys in her backyard clinic. When they are all better, she sings the Time for Your Check-Up song. This is one of the new toys released in conjunction with this popular television show.

Winx Club Dolls
Winx Club is a popular animated show on Nickelodeon. These best friends turn into fairies to fight evil. There are several Winx Club Dolls: Bloom, Aisha, Musa, Flora, Stella, Tecna.

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2012
These are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2012 that feature Winx Club, Disney Villains, Avengers characters, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Amazing Spider-Man Toys
Spider-Man is a popular superhero who has been featured not only in comic books but has graced the big screen in several different movies, most recently in the Amazing Spider-Man movie. There are dozens of spiderman figures, but these are some of my favorite amazing spiderman toys. The list includes fun action figures and role play sets from Hasbro, as well as a variety of Mega Bloks spiderman construction sets!

While the summer olympics are here again, these are some great summer...
While the summer olympics are here again, these are some great summer olympics toys for kids to consider if your child is inspired by the spirit of the games to get outside and be active. Toys in this list are inspired by the olympic sports of archery, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, kayaking, ping pong, football (soccer),...

Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids of All Ages
Dinosaurs are such a classic, iconic toy. With the popularity of television shows like Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan, young kids continue to love to play with dinosaurs. These are some of the best dinosaur toys for kids of all ages.

Dinosaur Train Toy Train Set
The PBS show, Dinosaur Train, has been a popular favorite amongst toddler and preschool aged children. Buddy, a Tyrannosaurs Rex, and his sibling Pteranodons, Tiny, Shiny and Don, along with their parents ride a train to various dinosaur habitats, learning about science and different species along the way. Tomy has several different Dinosaur...

New Monster High Dolls
Monster High is a popular phenomenon for girls ages 6 and up. Not only are there fashion dolls, these unique personalities are "perfectly-imperfect," and each has their own "freaky flaw." These dolls encourage girls to, "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster." Aside from the toys the dolls appear in various books, webisodes and games. In addition...

New Merida Dolls from Disney "Brave" Movie
The newest member to the Disney Princess crew is Merida, the heroine from the new Disney Brave Movie. This beautiful character with flowing red hair is an accomplished archer who must fight fear with bravery. Companies such as Mattel, Tollytots and Disney have crafted different types of Merida dolls and movie accessories that will appeal to...

Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition Game
Battleship has been a classic game for years, strategically guessing coordinates along a grid, marking guesses with pegs, all in the hopes to sink all your opponents ship for the win. Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition, includes 3 different variations, based on the new Battleship movie.

Marvel Avengers Toys
These are some of the hottest Avengers action figures and Avengers toys released in conjunction with the new Marvel Avengers movie.

Star Wars Fighter Pods
Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Star Wars Fighter Pods from Hasbro are one of the newest Star Wars games available for collectors and kids ages 4 and up.

Fun Pirate Toys
Some of the best pirate movies and television shows for kids include Pirates of the Caribbean, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits. These are some of the most fun pirate toys available. They include pirate costumes, toy pirate ships, and pirate games for kids of all ages.

Storytelling and Singing Princess Belle Doll Review
This large, 20 inch Disney Storytelling and Singing Princess Belle Doll, is recommended for kids ages 3-5. The doll has a plush body that allows her to sit up by herself. Belle is wearing her classic yellow ball gown inspired from the movie, as well as a tiara. Different accessories such as a book or characters from the movie can be placed in...

Disney Cars 2 AppMATes
Disney has developed a new line of Cars 2 toys for the iPad for kids ages 4 and up, based on the Cars 2 movie from Disney Pixar. Once these mobile application toys are purchased (each box purchased includes 2 Cars 2 vehicle characters), the free ipad app from Disney is downloaded from iTunes. The World of Cars can be explored by placing the...

Toy Train Sets
Many young children, especially boys, love to play with toy trains and interconnecting train sets. There are many different varieties of train sets available for children of all ages that include wooden train sets, interactive talking train sets, and electrical train sets. Several of the popular children's television shows for toddlers and...

Disney Princess Inspired Toys

Popular Toys
Kids in the ages between 5-8, usually are in their early elementary school years. This puts them in prime age to attend birthday parties. Kids of this age are very observant of the commercials of these new, fun and exciting toys on television. As a parent, do you know what they will be asking for this year during the holiday season? These are...

5 Hot Toys From The Cars 2 Movie
5 toys from the Cars 2 movie that will drive your child's imagination wild!

Disney Fairies
Disney Fairies is a charming theme which appeals to most girls, young or not so young. It's hard to resist the magic of Disney Fairies! Fairy magic is certainly in the air as Disney has brought out a range of products featuring Tinker Bell and her friends. Kids all over are enchanted with the Disney fairies. The Disney fairies line of toys and other products are sure to be a hit - take a look at …

Best Movie Themed Toys of 2008
The superhero edition of the best movie themed toys list is in. And it can't get any more power-packed than this. As we've seen, this year's movies have been dominated by superheroes. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero with cool powers? Going on mind blowing adventures, encountering various characters from the villainous to the downright weird and saving the world against destruction is the ult…

Batman The Dark Knight Toys
I liked the movie Batman the Dark Knight, though some of my friends found it too dark. However, it had a lot of potential for some great Batman toys! There are some hot Batman Toys out there based on the movie Batman the Dark Knight. Check out the new Batman toys for this year, based on the movie Batman the Dark Knight.

Indiana Jones Mr Potato Head from Playskool
Playskool's Mr. Potato Head Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark Idaho Jones Spud is a cute toy for children. The most outstanding feature is the Indiana Jones theme song that it plays when the hat is pressed and released. The attachable parts and pieces of Playskool's Mr. Potato Head Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark Idaho Jones Spud add to the fun as you can mix and match them to fit anywhere on the potato body creating unique and wacky looks.

Mattel Speed Racer Toys and Playsets
Mattel Speed Racer Toys and Playsets

Arctic Tale Movie Toys
The lovable characters Seela and Nanu from the movie Arctic Tale are now immortalized in Wild Republic's plush and toy line. The Arctic Tale toys and playsets are sure to be appreciated by young and old alike.

Indiana Jones Toys
Indiana Jones is an icon indeed. Everyone is looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, to be released this year. In tune with the movie, Hasbro has come out with some great Indiana Jones toys. The new Indiana Jones toys include the iconic Indy whip, a sword and a cool playset among others. Take a look at the Indiana Jones toys to be released this year.

Thomas The Tank Engine Toys and Games
The adorable Thomas the Tank Engine has captured the hearts of little girls and boys for years. The Thomas the Tank Engine saga began as a series of books, and was later made into a TV series. Thomas the Tank Engine games and toys have been a big hit with kids worldwide. Here's a look at the latest Thomas the Tank Engine games and toys that are available in the stores.

Shrek 3 Toys and Games from MGA Entertainment
The movie Shrek 3 is slated to be released this year. Judging from the success of the previous Shrek movies, I'm sure that Shrek 3 is going to be a big hit! Like me, MGA Entertainment believes that Shrek 3's popularity will create demand for lots of Shrek themed toys and games. Here's MGA's Shrek 3 toy and game lineup.

Winx Club - New Winx Club Pictures
Winx Club is out with some really exciting dolls for this year. The Winx Club line includes the Winx Club Slumber Party Dolls, the Winx Club SingSation Dolls, the Winx Club Beach Party dolls, the Winx Club Bloom Styling Head, and much more! Here are Winx Club pictures - images of your favorite Winx Club dolls.

Ice Age 2 Toys - The Meltdown
Here's a wonderful lineup of toys from the movie Ice Age 2 The Meltdown. Featuring the favorite characters Scrat, Sid, Manny, Ellie, Diego and more, these Ice Age 2 Toys from Mattel are sure to be a hot favorite among the kids.

Superman Returns Toys
The movie Superman Returns has prompted the release of lots of Superman Returns toys. Some of the Superman Returns toys are worth a second look, both for the Superman fan as well as the serious Superman toy and action figure collector. The range of Superman Returns toys includes a whole line-up from Mattel, which is pretty impressive. Here's a look at the newest and latest Superman Returns toys based on the movie Superman Returns, including some awesome pictures for you to get a clearer idea!

Toys from Disney Pixar Cars
The Disney Pixar movie Cars is an adventurous and comical roller coaster of a movie. Disney and Mattel have come out with a wide range of toys and playsets based on the movie Cars. The line of toys includes, but naturally, an wide range of scaled down toy vehicles. In addition, there are lots of exciting playsets on the cards like the Mountain...

Disney's Little Mermaid Pictures
Disney's Little Mermaid Pictures of toys based on the Little Mermaid line.

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Pictures
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is the sequel to the Pirates Of The Caribbean featuring Johnny Depp. The franchise is going to be very popular for boys this year. Zizzle has come out with some fantastic toys based on the Pirates Of The Caribbean. Here are pictures of the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest toys and action figures.

Disney Pixar Cars
Images of the new Disney Pixar Cars including toys and movie images

Chicken Little "Cluckmobile" Remote Controlled Car
This very cute little remote controlled car from the movie Chicken Little darts forward, turns around and makes the cutest sounds at the click of a button. The Cluckmobile is all set to charm your kids, and I won't be surprised if you end up playing with the car more than your kids do!

Dora The Explorer Toys
Kids love to play with Dora The Explorer toys. Dora and Boots the monkey are very popular among the younger kids, who love all kinds of Dora The Explorer toys and games. Here are the best Dora The Explorer toys and games for your child.

King Kong Toys
Read all about the latest King Kong Toys just released. King Kong toys are super hot this season. These superb King Kong toys are based on the King Kong movie.

Madagascar Toys From The Movie Madagascar
Madagascar, the animated movie from Dreamworks, has been a runaway success with the little ones. Kids love all the characters from the movie including Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe. Get them some Madagascar toys including Madagascar themed plush toys, Madagascar puzzles, games and more, and watch the smiles on their faces get even bigger!

New Batman Toys | New Batman Movie Toys | Batman Movie Toys from Batman Begins
Read all about the latest New Batman Toys from Batman Begins and New Batman Movie Toys from your guide to Toys at About.com. Keep up with the latest in the world of Batman Begins with these most popular New Batman Toys which your kids will love!

Batman Begins Action Figures For Kids from the movie Batman Begins
The movie Batman Begins has sparked off a huge craze among kids for all things Batman like toys, Batman Begins action figures and more. Kids love to pretend that they are Batman! Here is a great guide to the Top Batman Begins Action Figures for Kids from your guide at About.com

Curious George | Curious George Toys | Curious George Movie | Curious ...
Everyone's curious about Curious George. Read all about the Curious George Movie, Curious George Toys, and the Curious George TV Show from your guide to Toys at About.com

Simpsons Toys | Simpsons Action Figures | Simpsons Games and Toys
Here are some cool Simpsons Toys and Simpsons Action Figures from your guide to Toys at About.com. Keep up with the latest in the world of The Simpsons with news about Simpsons Toys, Simpsons Action Figures and Simpsons Games.

The Best Harry Potter Toys | Flying Harry Potter | Harry Potter Merchandise ...
Read all about the latest Harry Potter Toys from Harry Potter including Flying Harry Potter, Harry Potter Merchandise, Harry Potter Games and more from your guide to Toys at About.com. Keep up with the latest in the world of Harry Potter with these most popular Harry Potter Toys and Games which your kids will love!

Awesome Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz - With YuGiOh trivia questions
Take this awesome YuGiOh quiz and test your Yu-Gi-Oh knowledge. Tell all your friends about this great YuGiOh quiz and email me if you want more YuGiOh quizzes! This YuGiOH quiz is from your guide to Toys at About.com.

Hot Fantastic Four Action Figures From The Movie Fantastic Four
Here is a review and description of the latest Fantastic Four Action Figures organized into a Top 10 list. Check out the newest hottest Fantastic Four Action Figures and Toys from your Toys Guide at About.com and decide which Fantastic Four Action Figures to buy.

Hot Fantastic Four Toys From The Movie Fantastic Four
Here is a review and description of the latest Fantastic Four Toys organized into a Top 10 list. Check out the newest hottest Fantastic Four Toys from your Toys Guide at About.com and decide which Fantastic Four Toys to buy.

Madagascar Movie Toys From Hasbro
Hasbro has announced new Madagascar Movie Toys from the Dreamworks animated movie Madagascar planned to release in May of this year. Here is some more information on new Madagascar Movie Toys by Hasbro from your guide to Toys at About.com

Chicken Little Movie Toys
Hasbro and the Disney Store have announced new Chicken Little Toys from the Walt Disney movie Chicken Little. The Chicken Little toys are very diverse and include plush toys, remote controlled toys, action figures and a whole host of Chicken Little themed accessories which your child will love!

Doc McStuffins Toys
Doc McStuffins is a popular television character for preschool aged children on the Disney Junior Channel. Doc is an inspiring little girl with a magical stethoscope that brings her friends to life in her backyard clinic, as she demonstrates her talent for diagnosing and fixing various broken toys.

Top Licensed Characters For Toys In The Coming Year
Licensed Toys are the current trend in the toy industry. Popular licensed characters like Batman, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Angelina Ballerina, Chicken Little, Fantastic Four are hot. Keep up with the latest in licensed character toys in the industry with this top picks list.

Hot Star Wars Episode III Toys - Revenge Of The Sith
Here are the latest Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith and Darth Vader Toys organized into a Top 10 list. Check out the newest hottest Star Wars Toys from your Toys Guide at About.com.

Top Movie And TV Toys Of 2004
Wondering what movie and tv toy the kids liked in this past year? Read this must see article for the Top Movie and TV toys of 2004.

Top Toys From The Movie The Incredibles
The Incredibles, an animated movie from Pixar, has been a runaway success. Lets take a look at the top toys from the movie The Incredibles in this article.

Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper based on the Barbie video of the same name is a hot favorite with all the young girls. Have a look see and find out what this is all about in this article.

Top Picks For Harry Potter Theme LEGO Building Sets And Models
The Harry Potter theme from LEGO is extremely popular with the kids. They love playing for hours with Harry, Ron, and all his friends in Hogwarts Castle, and in other wonderful LEGO locations. Here are some of the top favorite LEGO picks from Harry Potter's Prisoner of Azkaban.

New Toy Story Games and Toys - Movie Toys Based on the Toy St…
Toy Story 3 brings back the Buzz Lightyear toys, Woody toys, Bullseye toys and Mr. Potato Head toys for brand-new adventures. Many toy companies are release new movie toys with the Toy Story 3 movie. Here are some of our favorite new Toy Story Toys.

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys

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