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History of the VTech InnoTab Tablets for Kids

Disney Infinity Avengers Games
A new Disney Infinity Avengers game will be released, featuring characters that include Iron Man, Thor, and the Black Widow in a starter pack. Additional Avengers toys will include Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk.

New Disney Toys and Disney Store Toys For Christmas 2014
These are some of the new Disney toys and Disney Store toys for Christmas featuring Frozen toys, Doc McStuffins toys, Sofia the First toys, Guardians of the Galaxy toys, Star Wars Rebels toys, Avengers toys and Disney princess toys and dolls.

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Educational Tablet for Kids
The LeapFrog LeapPad3 is a new educational touch screen tablet for kids that has front and rear cameras, and provides access to safe, kid-friendly internet through wifi using LeapSearch powered by Zui.

How to Locate Popular, Hard-to-Find Kids Toys
Ever been to a toy store to see the shelves empty or find out that toys of that character don't exist, yet? Here are 9 ways to locate those hard to find, popular toys.

Hot Wheels Cars Track Builder Sets

What is the Rainbow Loom Monster Tail?

History of the Hess Toy Trucks

What is Disney Infinity?

LeapFrog LeapBand

B.Toys Build-A-Ma-Jig Construction Toys

Meet The Happy's

Skylanders Trap Team Toys
Skylanders Trap Team is an innovative concept from Activision that allows kids to "trap" characters from the game and bring them to life through Traptanium Traps.

LEGO Mixels Sets

Meet Doh-Vinci
Doh-Vinci is a new decorating compound from the makers of Play-Doh that encourages them to creatively decorate frames, accessories and pictures.

Ever After High and Monster High Dolls

Goldieblox and the Dunk Tank Review

Disney Frozen Toys
Many children have really enjoyed the Disney movie Frozen. There are a variety of Disney Frozen toys that include a makeup vanity, Ice Palace playsets, role play costumes, and Anna and Elsa baby dolls and fashion dolls.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Construction Toy Buyers Guide
Now, there are several different toy companies designing collectible construction sets. Here's a “Construction Toys Buyers Guide” to help you choose between LEGO, Ionix, Kre-o and Mega Bloks sets to fit your child’s needs and interests.

Angry Birds Toys
Angry Birds is a very popular app played on both tablets and smartphones. These silly characters have not only launched into the hearts of young children everywhere, but in the toy aisles of most major retailers you will find a variety of angry birds plush toys, angry birds video games, and new Star Wars Angry Birds games from Hasbro.

Iron Man Toys and Action Figures
Last year, Marvel's The Avengers toys were very popular for young children after the blockbuster movie was released. Iron Man 3 is soon to hit the theaters. These are some new Iron Man 3 toys featuring Iron Man action figures and pictures from Hasbro and LEGO.

Kinderfeets Kids Balance Bike Review
Many kids enjoy riding bicycles, ride-on toys and scooters. Toys like the Kinderfeets balance bike are becoming increasingly popular, so children can learn to eventually ride a standard bike, without ever needing to use training wheels.

Pet Toys
Have you ever purchased any pet toys? Many kids these days ask their parent for real animals for gifts, whether it be a dog, cat, fish, hermit crab, hamster, or snake. If your children are asking for pets and you want them to try their best to care and nurture one, these are some of the coolest toy pets. With the advances in technology, some of these pet toys are able to learn commands, develop personalities, and respond directly to a child.

Video GameTruck Party
Have you ever considered a video GameTruck Party for your child's birthday party or a family event? I had an opportunity to experience a Game Truck party with a lot of friends and it was a big hit with both kids and parents.

Bejeweled Game
Bejeweled Blitz originated as an online game for the computer downloaded through a Facebook application. Hasbro launched a board game version of the popular app called the Bejeweled Game in March 2013 where players swap jewels to make multiple matches of 3 in a row.

The Legends of CHIMA Speedorz
THE Legends of CHIMA are stories about various animal tribes that used magical CHI orbs as a source of energy. The 8 different animal tribes include lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, gorillas, ravens, rhinos and bears. In addition to television episodes kids can collect and construct a variety of LEGO Legends of CHIMA playsets. These special...

New Barbies for 2013
These are the toys and new Barbies for 2013.

New Skylanders Figures, Skylanders SWAP Force
New Skylanders Figures include 16 additions to the team that make up the Skylanders SWAP Force. For the first time, kids can combine and swap Skylanders toys in order to create over 250 character combinations that can fly, teleport, climb, dig, bounce and now jump.

Monsters University Toys
With the release of the new Monsters University movie, there are several Monsters University toys featuring Sulley and his friends including interactive role play toys and characters as part of the Disney Infinity gaming accessory.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and movies were a huge part of my personal childhood in the 1980's. In 2012, the 3rd animated series debuted with several different toys featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and an amazing secret sewer lair playset.

2012 Toys of the Year
What were the 2012 Toys of the Year? Each year at Toy Fair, the Toys of the Year are unveiled. 2012 honored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LEGO Friends, Skylanders Giants, the LeapPad2, Perplexus Epic, and the Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-Up Doll.

The Sweet Shoppe Flip 'n Frost Cookies Play-Doh Plus Review
Play-Doh has a new compound called Play-Doh Plus that allows kids to more easily decorate their play-doh creations. The Sweet Shoppe Flip 'n Frost Cookie playset is an inexpensive toy under $10 with a lot of entertainment value that includes 1 can of the new Play-Doh plus compound.

LEGO Legends of Chima
The newest line of construction sets for boys from LEGO, is the LEGO Legends of Chima. 8 different animal tribes inhabit Chima. These animals fight each other for natural resource, or CHI, which is a source of both life and destruction. While the LEGO Ninjago line of toys allows mini-figures to battle via spinning tops, these new collectible toy...

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Game by Wonder Forge
Enchanted Cupcake Party is a new Disney Princess game by Wonder Forge. Kids play cooperatively by putting together cupcakes inspired by Disney Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, and Jazmine.

Toy Fair 2013 Highlights
So, after scouring the halls of Toy Fair 2013 in New York City, these are some of my highlights and picks for the top new toys for 2013.

Lush Fun Soap and Bath Bombs
Who would have thought that I'd find something related to PlayDoh, that's all natural and geared for kids of all ages at a recent trip to the LUSH Cosmetic Store at the mall? LUSH FUN soap is a moldable body wash, hair shampoo and bubble bath.

YGlider: 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids
Younger children enjoy ride-on toys and bicycles, while traditional scooters have been popular amongst older kids that have well developed balance and control. 3 wheeled scooters, like the YGlider, are fantastic for toddlers and preschool aged children, because of their stable design.

Who Shook Hook, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Game by Wonder Forge
Who Shook Hook is a great turn-taking and coordination game from Wonder Forge recommended for kids ages 4 and up, that features the popular characters Jake, Izzy, Cubbie, Scully, and Captain Hook from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates television show that airs on the Disney and Disney Junior Channel.

Top Boys Toys
These are some of the top boy toys. This list includes construction toys, LEGO Ninjago toys, Skylander toys, and remote controlled vehicles.

Hess Toy Trucks
Once a year, Hess releases a new collectible toy vehicle. These fun, durable Hess toy trucks are very popular toys amongst little boys.

Extreme InterAction Dinosaur Train Toys
Extreme InterAction Dinosaur Train Toys include a variety of remote controlled dinosaurs that walk, stomp, and recognize each other. The dinosaurs in this line from TOMY are from the popular kids television show on PBS, Dinosaur Train.

Steam Team Station Thomas the Train Game
For children who love anything Thomas the Train, Discovery Bay Games has released a new game, specifically for the iPad called Steam Team Station. By placing the iPad in the console and downloading the free apps, kids are encouraged to play games with their favorite Thomas characters that involve "I Spy" activities, as well as physical play.

American Girl of the Year 2013 is Saige Copeland
Every year, American Girl releases 1 doll that is only available for that year, or until supplies last. The American Girl of the Year 2013 is Saige Copeland. The 18 inch American Girl Doll, Saige, will be available January 1st. Saige is a 9-year-old girl who will bring creative, artistic inspiration to young girls, with interests such as hot-air...

Bakerella Cake Pops for Kids
Have you ever tried to make cake pops for kids parties? The Bakerella Cake Pops Set includes some fun tools that will make your first try at cake pops a success.

Magna Color 3D Activity Kit
The Magna Color 3D activity kit allows kids to use special pens that release dots onto either a blank magnetic surface or a template. After designing with the dots, kids put on 3 D glasses to watch their designs pop off the page. This toy is recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Tatooine Battle Game - Hasbro
Angry Birds Star Wars are popular amongst children and adults of all ages. Hasbro has released a new family game that allows kids to construct their own structures, then launch their Star Wars Luke Skywalker Angry Bird into the tower with the Millenium Falcon Launcher, in hopes to knock the pigs off the blocks.

VTech InnoTab2 Review
When considering purchasing a tablet toy for your children, there are several available for young children in the 3-9 year old age range. The VTech InnoTab2 and the InnoTab2s are the latest updates to the original InnoTab device which made it's debut in 2011. Using touch screen technology or a stylus kids ages 4-9 can play games, type notes, take pictures, and read e-books.

New Skylanders Giants Figures
Skylanders Giants are small toys that are compatible with the XBox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 3. No matter what gaming system you have at home, your child's game play progress will be stored on their Skylanders Giants figures. These are some of the new Skylanders Giants toys just released.

MegaBloks Barbie Build 'N Style Luxury Mansion Review
There's a new Barbie toy this year, the MegaBloks Barbie Build 'N Style Luxury Mansion. This Barbie mansion includes 301 pieces and is recommended for girls ages 4 and up. The Barbie dollhouse includes 8 different interchangeable rooms.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Review
Last year, the LeapFrog LeapPad made its debut as one of the premier learning tablets for kids ages 4-9. New for 2012 is the LeapFrog LeapPad 2, with more speed, memory, an additional video camera and a growing library of games, ultra eBooks, videos, and music.

Top Girl Toys
What are the top girl toys this year? These are some of the greatest gifts and best Christmas toys of 2012.

Best Toys for Kids
What are the best toys for kids in 2012? Whether you are looking for popular toys, new gaming tablets, baby dolls, movie toys, dollhouses, toys under $10, games, and toys for various age groups, this is a comprehensive list of some of the best toys for 2012.

Tablet Toys for Kids of All Ages
Before you go handing over your expensive iPhone or iPad, this year several tablet toys and gaming consoles for kids have entered the toy market. Developed specifically with children in mind for their durability, games and apps, there is a wide variety of tablets that include tablets for kids as young as 3, but high-tech gaming systems with...

Fun Games for Kids of All Ages
If you are on the lookout out for some fun party games for kids and adults to pass the time at a birthday party, family event or during a family vacation, these are some of the newest, fun games for kids of all ages that include kids board games, party games and tablet/iPhone games.

Popular Game Apps Are Now Board Games
Those popular game apps like Words With Friends, Farmville, Cityville, Draw Something, Temple Run, and Angry Birds now have board game versions for family game night.

iPad Toys & iPhone Toys
Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Aside from all of the app games that can be downloaded to the actual devices, toy companies have jumped on board to create some amazing iPhone toys and iPad toys that will give their app game play an entirely different perspective. This is a list of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch toys for all ages that...

Popular Toys for 2012
Every year there are hot new toys that are released by toy companies throughout the year, and come October start flying off the shelves for the holiday season. Classic games and traditional toys are generally popular and may include train sets, dinosaurs, baby dolls, dollhouses and play kitchens. However, these are my stand-out picks for some of...

Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids Under 10 Dollars
If you are on the lookout for inexpensive toys, then this list is for you. These are some cheap gift ideas for kids under $10 that are fun and bring a lot of play value.

VTech Switch & Go Dinosaurs
Little boys love cars and dinosaurs. VTech has developed a fun, new concept that allows kids to transform their cars into dinosaurs and dinosaurs into cars. With sound effects and simple motions, these toys are easily manipulated by kids ages 3-8.

Doc McStuffins Doll - "Time for Your Check Up" Doll
Doc McStuffins is a popular new show for preschool aged kids on the Disney Junior channel. Doc McStuffins fixes toys in her backyard clinic. When they are all better, she sings the Time for Your Check-Up song. This is one of the new toys released in conjunction with this popular television show.

Playmobil Dollhouse at FAO Schwartz
To mark the 150th anniversary of FAO Schwartz, the 342 piece Playmobil dollhouse depicting Victorian city life is available for purchase.

The original Perplexus is a ball maze game by PlaSmart that was created by a 3-D design teacher, Michael McGinnis. Players move a small marble around various tracks, pitfalls and obstacles inside a sphere. The game requires focus, attention, hand/eye coordination and memory. Due to the popularity of the original Perplexus game, additional versions include Perplexus Epic, Perplexus Rookie, and Perplexus Twist are also available for various age groups and skill levels.

Toy Car Garage from Big Jigs
This toy car garage from Big Jigs is a classic, wooden toy for young children. Kids can maneuver their cars up the elevator into the parking garage, fix them in the mechanic shop, give them gas or push them through the car wash. Toy parking garages are great for toddlers.

Fashion Dolls
Fashion dolls are popular with girls ages 4 and up. There are iconic, collectible fashion dolls like American Girl dolls and Barbie dolls. Additionally, there are trendy, popular fashion doll lines like La Dee Da dolls, Monster High dolls and Winx Club dolls with amazing fashion doll clothes. These are some fun fashion doll lines for kids of all ages.

Eco-Friendly Toy Flowers from Green Toys
The Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet is an eco-friendly toy flower set where kids can arrange various plastic petals and flowers to create their own unique flower arrangements.

Halloween Toys
Many people not only enjoy dressing up in their Halloween costumes, but they throw themed parties for all ages. These are some great Halloween toys and games that kids might enjoy in during this unique holiday season.

Step 2 Art Easel for Kids
Do your children enjoy painting, drawing, and coloring? Step 2 has a new art easel for kids that can accommodate 2 different children at the same time, 1 on either side. Easels are a great way to promote a child's creativity, while learning developmental skills needed for school.

The New American Girl Caroline Abbott
The newest member of the historical collection at American Girl Place is the American Girl Caroline Abbott. Caroline Abbott lives with her family in New York during the War of 1812. Her father is a shipbuilder, who also becomes a prisoner during the war.

Back To School Items
Aside from the traditional pens, paper, notebooks and folders there has been a trend towards allowing kids to personalize and accessorize their belongings. These are some of my favorite back to school items for boys, girls or kids both young and old who want to express their individuality at school.

Spot iT! On the Road: One of the Best Travel Games for Kids
Spot it! On the Road by Blue Orange Games is one of the best travel games for kids.

Play Kitchen Sets for Kids
As a child, I remember playing with my wooden play kitchen. As a matter of fact, it's possible that my parents still own it 30 years later. For centuries young kids have enjoyed using toy kitchens with play food as they use their imagination to cook and serve their family members and baby dolls. Though over time, as kitchens have evolved, they...

The New LeapPad 2 from LeapFrog
What's the difference between the LeapPad and new LeapPad 2 from LeapFrog?

Play Food Sets
Young toddlers and preschool aged kids, generally between 2-6, love imaginative and pretend play where they imitate the actions of their parents. Play kitchens are very popular with these age groups. What better way to complement a play kitchen, than including play food sets. These are some great play food sets that include all sorts of types...

Amazing Spider-Man Toys
Spider-Man is a popular superhero who has been featured not only in comic books but has graced the big screen in several different movies, most recently in the Amazing Spider-Man movie. There are dozens of spiderman figures, but these are some of my favorite amazing spiderman toys. The list includes fun action figures and role play sets from Hasbro, as well as a variety of Mega Bloks spiderman construction sets!

Dinosaur Train Toy Train Set
The PBS show, Dinosaur Train, has been a popular favorite amongst toddler and preschool aged children. Buddy, a Tyrannosaurs Rex, and his sibling Pteranodons, Tiny, Shiny and Don, along with their parents ride a train to various dinosaur habitats, learning about science and different species along the way. Tomy has several different Dinosaur...

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk Kits
Chalk City is a fun, new outdoor toy that is great for children that allows them to quickly make roadways and obstacle courses in minutes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Included are templates that children can color in that will allow children to design intricate cities with roadway signs.

Boon Whale, Frog & Bug Provide Great Bath Toy Storage

Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition Game
Battleship has been a classic game for years, strategically guessing coordinates along a grid, marking guesses with pegs, all in the hopes to sink all your opponents ship for the win. Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition, includes 3 different variations, based on the new Battleship movie.

Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games
There are some cool ipad accessories. I never imagined that there would honestly be tablet toys. Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games encourages kids and families to engage in game play using the ipad that with apps that inspire communication and are educationally focused.

Floppets are small collectible toys that can be attached with a velcro loop strap to backpacks, flip flops, fingers, toes, and clothes for young children to exhibit their own sense of style, while also decorating, personalizing and accessorizing their belongings.

LeapFrog LeapPad Books
LeapFrog debuted their LeapPad last year in 2011. There a variety of games and unique LeapPad books available for download and purchase that feature popular Disney characters.

LEGO Ninjago Pictures
These are some LEGO Ninjago Pictures for some of the newest and most exciting playsets and accessories for Ninjago. Ninjago is LEGO's way of marrying two concepts, iconic construction withe the game strategy of battling tops.

LeapFrog LeapPad From LeapFrog Toys
LeapFrog is a company synonymous for developing fun, technology toys for kids with educational software. The LeapFrog LeapPad, one of the newest LeapFrog toys is an interactive tablet toy recommended for preschool children ages 4-9.

LeapFrog Toys
LeapFrog toys has focused on developing some outstanding educational toys for kids of all ages. This is a list of some of my most favorite infant, toddler and preschool toys from LeapFrog toys.

What is the Toy of the Year?
Have you every wondered, what is the toy of the year? Every year in February, companies throughout the toy industry meet at Toy Fair in New York City to display all of their exciting new toys for the year. Prior to Toy Fair, consumers can individually place their vote on toys from a variety of categories. These are the winners in various...

YBike Review
The YBike is a balance bike for kids, recommended for young preschool aged children between the ages of 2-4. It’s long, durable plastic design, allows young children the opportunity to maneuver a ride-on toy that helps to develop their balance and ability to shift their weight from side to side, which is a great pre-requisite skill for a pedaled...

Learn to Write and Draw With Mr. Pencil Review
Learn to Write and Draw with Mr. Pencil encourages children to recognize different upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as to learn the motor control and stroke order to form the letters appropriately. It is used in conjunction with the Leapfrog TAG Reader, which is an educational toy. Additional workbooks are included to...

Leap Frog TAG Reader Review
The LeapFrog Tag Reading System, geared for kids ages 4 to 8, is a great educational toy for young preschool and elementary school aged kids to learn the foundational skills for reading. Children use the device to explore words and pictures in special storybooks, many of which feature favorite childhood characters like the Disney Princesses and...

VTech Kidizoom Camera Review
Do your children enjoy taking pictures with your camera or camera phone? Are you on the search for the best digital camera for kids? The Kidizoom camera from VTech Toys comes in a variety of colors (blue, pink, orange), and allows children to take both pictures and video. Children can edit their imagery directly on the camera and play 3...

Disney Cars 2 AppMATes
Disney has developed a new line of Cars 2 toys for the iPad for kids ages 4 and up, based on the Cars 2 movie from Disney Pixar. Once these mobile application toys are purchased (each box purchased includes 2 Cars 2 vehicle characters), the free ipad app from Disney is downloaded from iTunes. The World of Cars can be explored by placing the...

Green Toys Pizza Parlor Review
Pick up or delivery? This adorable pizza toy from Green Toys is a fabulous play food addition to your kid's kitchen set. BPA free, pthalate free, and made entirely in the United States, your family can pretend to make a pizza from your favorite pizza parlor right in your own living room.

iPad Games for Kids
If you have purchased an iPad for your yourself, most likely your children are trying to find ways to play games and watch movies on it. Aside from downloading a variety of apps for them to use, there are some very unique iPad accessories and games for kids available. The items in this list will encourage children to interact with the...

Jungle Speed Game Review
Jungle Speed is a fast action card game geared for kids ages 8 and up. 2-10 people can play simultaneously. On your turn, flip a card over. If you have the same pattern as another player, be the first to grab the totem pole in the center of the table and you'll win that hand. The first player to lose all their cards first, wins.

Lite Sprites Magic Wand and Prisma Sprite Review
Lite-Topia is a magical land full of color and light. This Light Wand allows children to collect color from their world and transfer that color to a variety of toys and playsets that involve the Lite Sprites. There are 4 different Sprites: Prisma, Astra, Meadow and Brook who have unique personalities and use their color to express their personality. However, Bleak, the naughty Sprite can not collect color, but she disrupts the color in Lite-Topia. This is a popular toy is one of the best girls toys. It is recommended for young girls ages 4 and up.

Stocking Stuffers
Sometimes finding toys for the kids stockings can be quite a feat to find unique items to fill the stocking that won't break the bank and aren't full of candy and sugar. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for kids of all ages. Many of the items include multiple gifts in one package which can be shared amongst siblings as well.

Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe Review
Little babies and growing toddlers love to explore with their hands. Putting items in and out of containers seems to engage these developing minds over and over again. The Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe is a great educational baby toy for kids ages 9-36 months as it promotes fine motor skills, as well as provides exposure to color and number concepts.

Bizu Style Studio
Bizu is a great kids jewelry set, that's perfect for holiday gifts or to entertain kids at parties.

Corolle Baby Doll Review
Corolle has been creating baby dolls for young kids since 1979. Dolls in the Les Classique line are recommended for kids ages 2 and 3 because they have soft bodies, a sweet smell of vanilla, and clothing with velcro closures. Once you find the perfect match for your child, don't forget to also preview some great baby doll accessories for even...

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
Many little boys love cars. They especially love to drive Hot Wheels cars across the floor or along the top of the furniture. These new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks by Mattel bring a whole new dynamic to playing with die cast cars. These innovative tracks adhere safely to the wall with 3M Command strips and brackets, bringing a whole new interactive...

Let's Rock! Elmo Review
Let's Rock Elmo by Playskool is an interactive musical toy geared for toddlers, kids ages 2 and up.

Best Toys for Tweens
Cool toys for kids in their tween years, ages 8-12.

Best Kids Gift Ideas for Christmas and the Holiday Season!
Shopping for kids during for Christmas and the holiday season can be a really challenge. Here are some of my top holiday gift lists that will include some new toys, girls toys, boys toys, cheap toys and some of the best kids gift ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah and other gift giving holidays.

Best Toys for Boys Ages 8-12
Boys ages 8-12 can be a challenge to still find toys for, as many of them when asked for gift ideas would prefer sports equipment, gift cards to purchase music or apps for their iPod, or XBox Kinect, Wii, or Nintendo DS games for their gaming devices. Deep down in the heart of these young boys, there is still a need for some fun though, and...

Best Toys for Boys!
Boys love all sorts of toys. Remote controlled cars, construction toys, technology, collectible toys and movie inspired toys are often hits amongst boys of all ages. Many of these toys will also appeal to pre-teens and adults, especially when it comes to the Nerf and Xploderz blasters. Included in this list are some of the best toys for boys.

Popular Toys
Kids in the ages between 5-8, usually are in their early elementary school years. This puts them in prime age to attend birthday parties. Kids of this age are very observant of the commercials of these new, fun and exciting toys on television. As a parent, do you know what they will be asking for this year during the holiday season? These are...

Cheap Toys Under 10 Dollars!
These days, many families might have multiple children to buy for during the holiday season or their children are invited to many birthday parties, which can make buying lots of gifts very expensive. Aside from gift cards to popular places like the iTunes Store and the movie theater, these are some great suggestions for fun, cheap toys for kids...

New My Little Pony Toys
My Little Pony has been entertaining young girls ages 3 and up for over 25 years. These are some of the latest My Little Pony toys children can use to expand their imagination and pretend play skills.

Best New Toys for Christmas ande Holidays
Get a preview of the best new toys for Christmas and the holidays of 2010. Find something for every child on your gift list

The Best New Toys for Boys
The hottest new boys' toys for Christmas - A list of the best toys for boys.

Schleich's Hot, New Toys for 2010
An exclusive look at 10 of Schleich's hot, new toys for 2010 to be announced at Toy Fair

Perplexus Puzzle Game
Perplexus is a challenging puzzle game that will test the mettle of puzzle game fans.

Chicco Turbo Touch Speed Truck Toddler Toy
Chicco Speed Truck Toddler Toy - Race Car Toddler Toy

Easter Toys
In some households (mine included) the Easter Bunny brings Easter toys instead of Easter candy. Here are some great new Easter toy reviews of Easter basket toys for kids of all ages.

New Barbie Toys: Mega Bloks Barbie Sets
There are some new Barbie toys on the block! The Mega Bloks Barbie sets include various toys for girls ages 4 and up to be able to construct a new play world for Barbie. Kids can construct Barbie's mansion, convertible car, fashion boutique, pool, pet shop, and ice cream cart. Sets range from $9.99 to $79.99.

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys

Elefun Ball Popper from Playskool
The Elefun Ball Popper from Playskool is one of the best toys for a 9 month old child.

Summer Activities for Kids
During school vacation over the summer months, these are some fun summer activities for kids that can help to pass the time throughout the day.

The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra
LeapFrog toys recently unveiled the addition of the LeapPad Ultra to their educational toy offerings. The LeapPad Ultra provides a wifi browser called LeapSearch by Zui, that is safe for children to access.

Banzai Bumper Boat
The Banzai Bumper Boat brings inflatable pool toys to the next level of fun and excitement with its ability to allow kids to drive an inflatable boat while blasting water up to 20 feet.

VTech InnoTab 3 Educational Tablet
The VTech InnoTab 3 is the newest educational tablet for kids. This 3rd generation kids learning tablet, includes a lower price point than it's predecessors, the InnoTab and InnoTab2/2s. Parents can currently download over 350 apps with educational games and content directly to the device from the Learning Lodge Navigator.

Sky Bouncer: Bouncing Ball or Frisbee?
The Sky Bouncer from Maui Toys may have people wondering, is it a bouncing ball or frisbee? It's actually both! The Sky Bouncer can be used like a frisbee, but it is also capable of bouncing 25 feet in the air for a unique outdoor play experience.

LeapFrog LeapReader
The LeapFrog LeapReader is the latest product that helps in teaching reading and writing foundational skills to kids in a fun, natural way, at their own pace.

Wummelbox Arts and Crafts Kits Review
Arts and crafts supplies can take up a lot of storage space, and can be expensive over time. Companies like Wummelbox have designed subscription based arts and crafts kits for kids that arrive in the mail, with the supplies necessary to complete theme based activities.

Lundby Smaland Dollhouse

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