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Teddy Ruxpin, Animated Storytelling Bear

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Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin

BackPack Toys

The Bottom Line

Teddy Ruxpin is back! The original animated storytelling bear, Teddy Ruxpin, was popular way back in the 1980's. This time around, a remodeled Teddy returns, complete with a program cartridge and sophisticated technology, poised to steal your heart away! The bear itself is BIG, and is adorable to look at. Flawless animations guide Teddy Ruxpin's eye and mouth movements as he relates stories and songs to your little ones. Teddy, we're glad to have you back!
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  • Teddy Ruxpin heralds the return of the classic animated storytelling bear
  • Flawless animation with Teddy's mouth and eyes moving in synch
  • Impressive looking Teddy Ruxpin is easy to use and loads of fun


  • Priced on the high side


  • The Teddy Ruxpin Box set includes the Teddy Ruxpin Animated Story Telling Toy and The Airship adventure story.
  • Program cartridge contains stories, music, sound effects and the customized data necessary to make Teddy "come to life."
  • Teddy Ruxpin stands tall and is impressive looking indeed
  • The bear is easy to use, and very entertaining

Guide Review - Teddy Ruxpin, Animated Storytelling Bear

Grandparents - I'm sure you recall the popular Teddy Ruxpin animated storytelling bear from around 20 years back! In those days, Teddy Ruxpin used to work using audio cassettes. The Teddy Ruxpin animated bear was extremely popular back in the 1980s. Now, BackPack Toys have brought a completely revamped Teddy back, while incorporating the latest digital technology into this wonderful animated storytelling bear.

Soft and lovable, Teddy Ruxpin comes to “life” when you insert the program cartridge that is specially designed to accommodate small hands. Each program cartridge contains complete stories, music, sound effects and the customized data necessary to animate Teddy. Each adventure or music package allows kids to enjoy Teddy Ruxpin. Controls at the back of Teddy allow you to adjust the volume.

Younger children can follow along Teddy’s Adventures in the full-color picture books. Older children can follow along by using the story-song books. This is a great way to encourage reading!

Teddy is a bit overpriced at $69.99 but the cost factor is counter-balanced by the soft, loveable bear with easy-to-use cartridges and well-timed animations. The program cartridge is simple to use requiring virtually no adult supervision. This is one of the biggest plus points of the animated Teddy Ruxpin bear.

The Teddy Ruxpin bear is a lovely product, and comes highly recommended to all you parents and grandparents out there.

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