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The best educational toys can help your child learn and have fun at the same time. Educational toys and games can expand your child's world and encourage curiosity about science, the environment, technology, art and literature. Educational toys can also help develop reading skills, problem-solving skills, reasoning skills and research skills.
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History of the VTech InnoTab Tablets for Kids

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a sweat proof, waterproof wearable tech device for kids that is worn like a watch but includes a camera, games and a rechargeable battery.

LeapTV from LeapFrog is an interactive video game system for kids ages 3-8 that encourages children to get physical activity while engaging in fun, interactive, educational content.

Camping Supplies and Toys for Kids
Instead of having the kids pack up all sorts of toys on a camping trip, these items are great camping supplies and toys designed especially with kids in mind. They will not only allow them to explore their surroundings with functional, useful items but they can double as a back-up in case of emergency.

Playmobil Toy Tips
Playmobil zoo, playmobil dollhouse, playmobil castle, playmobil pirate ship, playmobil toys

Playmobil Camping Toys
Playmobil toys are construction toys where children snap together pieces to create various scenes from both realistic and fantasy themes. If your child or your family has a special interest in camping, these are some of my favorite Playmobil camping toy sets in the "Summer Fun" theme.

History of the LeapFrog LeapPad

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Educational Tablet for Kids
The LeapFrog LeapPad3 is a new educational touch screen tablet for kids that has front and rear cameras, and provides access to safe, kid-friendly internet through wifi using LeapSearch powered by Zui.

Playmobil Zoo Animal Toys

Reasons to Buy Disney Infinity Games
Here are my top reasons you should feel confident buying Disney Infinity games for your family. Disney Infinity has something for everyone, includes incentive based play in both physical and virtual worlds, enhances imagination and communication while providing a nice family bonding experience.

LeapFrog LeapBand

Disney Planes Sky Race Action Game Review

B.Toys Build-A-Ma-Jig Construction Toys

Eco-Friendly Kids Toy Companies

STEM Toys for Girls

LeapFrog LeapReader Review

LEGO Juniors Sets Review

Goldieblox and the Dunk Tank Review

What are STEM Toys?
STEM toys are educational toys that are focused on providing children with toys that will help them gravitate towards careers in engineering, science, math and technology.

Sassy Non-Sters
Sassy Non-Sters Plush Baby Toys are an adorable and unique line of infant toys and rattles, available exclusively at Target.

The Fun Machine: A New Dr. Seuss Game by Wonder Forge
Dr. Seuss Books featuring their unique rhymes and characters like Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, the Lorax and Horton, are recognizable by both children and adults. Wonder Forge makes several fun Dr. Seuss games, like the Fun Machine, that are both fun and educational.

VTech InnoTab2 Review
When considering purchasing a tablet toy for your children, there are several available for young children in the 3-9 year old age range. The VTech InnoTab2 and the InnoTab2s are the latest updates to the original InnoTab device which made it's debut in 2011. Using touch screen technology or a stylus kids ages 4-9 can play games, type notes, take pictures, and read e-books.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Review
Last year, the LeapFrog LeapPad made its debut as one of the premier learning tablets for kids ages 4-9. New for 2012 is the LeapFrog LeapPad 2, with more speed, memory, an additional video camera and a growing library of games, ultra eBooks, videos, and music.

Corolle Paul & Emma, Baby Dolls that Pee
Potty training toddlers can be a real challenge. As a parent I've scoured the internet and surveyed my friends for all sorts of potty training tips. Here is a full review on some unique baby dolls that pee, the dolls Paul & Emma by Corolle Dolls.

The original Perplexus is a ball maze game by PlaSmart that was created by a 3-D design teacher, Michael McGinnis. Players move a small marble around various tracks, pitfalls and obstacles inside a sphere. The game requires focus, attention, hand/eye coordination and memory. Due to the popularity of the original Perplexus game, additional versions include Perplexus Epic, Perplexus Rookie, and Perplexus Twist are also available for various age groups and skill levels.

Play Kitchen Sets for Kids
As a child, I remember playing with my wooden play kitchen. As a matter of fact, it's possible that my parents still own it 30 years later. For centuries young kids have enjoyed using toy kitchens with play food as they use their imagination to cook and serve their family members and baby dolls. Though over time, as kitchens have evolved, they...

Play Food Sets
Young toddlers and preschool aged kids, generally between 2-6, love imaginative and pretend play where they imitate the actions of their parents. Play kitchens are very popular with these age groups. What better way to complement a play kitchen, than including play food sets. These are some great play food sets that include all sorts of types...

LeapFrog LeapPad Books
LeapFrog debuted their LeapPad last year in 2011. There a variety of games and unique LeapPad books available for download and purchase that feature popular Disney characters.

Symphony in B, A Musical instrument for Kids
The Symphony in B. is a musical instrument for kids from B. Toys. B. toys has developed unique musical instruments that are perfect for young children ages 2 and up. This unique toy allows children to be the creators of their own music, utilizing combinations of 6 different musical instruments. There are 13 musical instruments for children to...

LeapFrog LeapPad From LeapFrog Toys
LeapFrog is a company synonymous for developing fun, technology toys for kids with educational software. The LeapFrog LeapPad, one of the newest LeapFrog toys is an interactive tablet toy recommended for preschool children ages 4-9.

Leap Frog Tag Junior Review
The Leap Frog Tag Junior is a small handheld device, that engages children ages 1-4 by bringing board books to life with music, words and sounds. Over 20 additional board books can be purchased, and feature several well known childhood characters such as Disney Princesses, Sesame Street, the Backyardigans and Curious George.

Learn to Write and Draw With Mr. Pencil Review
Learn to Write and Draw with Mr. Pencil encourages children to recognize different upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as to learn the motor control and stroke order to form the letters appropriately. It is used in conjunction with the Leapfrog TAG Reader, which is an educational toy. Additional workbooks are included to...

Leap Frog TAG Reader Review
The LeapFrog Tag Reading System, geared for kids ages 4 to 8, is a great educational toy for young preschool and elementary school aged kids to learn the foundational skills for reading. Children use the device to explore words and pictures in special storybooks, many of which feature favorite childhood characters like the Disney Princesses and...

VTech InnoTab

Toys and Games that Encourage Kids to Recognize Letters and Numbers
Before children can write the letters of the alphabet, at the preschool age, they will first need to recognize the letter by sight. Many parents opt for flashcards and repetition, which not all children respond to. These are toys and games that will encourage kids to learn letters and numbers in fun, motivating ways.

Toys That Encourage Kids to Write Letters and Numbers
These educational games will help children practice and learn to write letters and numbers in a fun way.

Toys and Games for Learning Colors
Older toddlers and preschoolers (kids ages 3-4) are learning to name colors. This list includes a variety of toys and games for learning colors.

Educational Toys to Help Kids Transition Back to School
As parents, we all want our kids to have the easiest transition back to school. Some kids don't respond to traditional methods of teaching and are more motivated to learn with fun toys, games and through technology. This list provides some great toys that can help kids learn about colors, numbers, reading, writing and taking turns.

Educational Toy Review - My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet
Educational Toy Review - My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet Educational Toy Review

Complete Kits Make Babies Feel Special
Teach My Toddler and Teach My Baby

Neurosmith Music Blocks
The Neurosmith Music Blocks set is the perfect toy to inspire a love for music in your child. The Neurosmith Music Blocks set, as the name suggests, features musical blocks along with a unit and changeable catridges. When a block is inserted into the unit, a musical piece can be heard. Toddlers will have a great time trying out the various combinations that are possible by turning the blocks around get variations of the music playing.

Why are blocks good for children?
Blocks are one of the first toys I recommend for young children. Most children enjoy building blocks right from an early age and have fun putting them together. Building blocks are a wonderful way to jumpstart your child's learning skills. Blocks build up methodical thinking, logic, creativity as well as physical co-ordination in kids.

Why are stuffed toys recommended for kids?
Stuffed toys go back many, many years. Teddy bears have been historically the most popular stuffed toy, with the first teddy bear dating back to 1902. We've come a long way since then, with the stuffed toy market encompassing animals right from bunny rabbits and dogs to the more exotic species.

Which type of toys encourage creativity in kids?
It's amazing how much children can grasp right from a young age. Encouraging creativity in a child is one of the things every parent should do. Toys which encourage creativity in kids can be broadly classified into three main categories - arts, crafts and music. They commonly involve hands-on activities like making a craft project, painting, coloring, drawing, clay modeling etc.

Puzzles - Why Are Puzzles Good For Children?
Puzzles have been around for years. Solving a puzzle is a great way to spend an evening at home. Puzzles encourage logical thinking. Introducing your kids to puzzles early on is a good option. Puzzle making is a quiet activity.

Alphaball Electronic Game from Learning Resources
Arcade games can now be fun and educational. The Alphaball Electronic Word Game from Learning Resources has a cool design which will delight kids. The Alphaball Electronic Word game helps in improving spelling and vocabulary skills while ensuring that kids have a blast.

Gallery Ghost: Find the Ghost Who Paints the Most!
I come across a lot of toys everyday and some really stand out from the rest. Gallery Ghost:Find the Ghost Who Paints the Most! from Birdcage Press, belongs to that "special" category. I guess you could classify it as a book that you play with. Gallery Ghost is all about the world of art. It is a hardcover book featuring paintings from various international artists including George Catlin, Paul Klee, J.M.W. Turner and many more that are on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Tower Pounding Toy from Plan Toys
Plan Toys has the most amazing selection of wooden toys. Best of all, these toys are so eco friendly. If you have a child who likes to pound, then try out this wooden pounding tower from Plan Toys. The good quality wooden construction of this pounding toy is safe, durable and completely non-toxic. It's a lot of fun to pound the little ball into the wooden piece and watch the big ball climb up the tower and roll down the ramp. I highly recommend this wooden Tower Pounding toy from Plan Toys.

Wooden Toys from ImagiPlay
Wooden toys are a treat to play with. It's a different sort of fun playing with wooden toys. Wooden toys are sturdy and last for a long time. It's important that the wooden toys your child plays with are safe. ImagiPlay is a line of wooden toys which are naturally earth friendly, being made from renewable, plantation grown, chemically free rubberwood. The makers of Imagiplay vouch for the fact that their wooden toys do not contain lead paint. Here's a look at the ImagiPlay wooden toys available.

Knotwud Puzzles from Jakks Pacific
The innovative Knotwud puzzles have been designed to look like wood but are actually made of soft foam material. They have several different colored layers of foam to create the effect of wood. The Knotwud puzzles are ideal for those parents who are concerned that their child is too young for hard wooden toys. The Knotwud puzzles provide an excellent and safer alternative to conventional wooden toys.

Play Kitchens
Play kitchens have become very popular with kids. The play kitchens of today are pretty sophisticated and include most of the gadgets that one would normally find in a kitchen, even if they're only pretend ones! Playing in a pretend play kitchen is a lot of fun, and it provides ample room for imaginations to go wild!

Hot Wheels Accelerator Learning Laptop
Oregon Scientific has created their latest learning laptop, the Hot Wheels Accelerator Laptop, with over 60 bilingual activities consisting of spelling, math, logic, cognitive skills and sequencing. The design of the Hot Wheels Learning laptop based on the famous Hot Wheels line of cars is phenomenal to say the least. Read all about the Hot Wheels Accelerator Laptop here on About.com

Melissa and Doug Toys
Melissa and Doug toys are a class apart - they combine functionality and quality really well. Every time I go into a toy store, I invariably spot an interesting looking toy which turns out to be a Melissa and Doug product! Melissa and Doug toys are generally educational toys which help your kids to think constructively. Here's a look at some great toy picks from Melissa and Doug!

Educational Toys - A Comprehensive Resource
Educational toys are the rage nowadays. Of late, most toys on the shelves have some educational content in them. Besides traditional educational toys, edutainment toys are slowly gaining the lion's share of the toy marketplace. However, traditional educational toys like wooden educational toys, puzzles, educational games will always be in demand because of the intellectual stimuli they offer. Here's a wonderful list of the top educational toys organized by category for children of all ages.

Educational Toys
In the recent past, toy makers have shifted their focus more and more on to educational toys. Nowadays, almost all toys have some educational element in them, whether meant for newborns, adults, or any age group in between! Educational toys keep your child occupied in a meaningful way while keeping yourself stress free! Here's a list of some really great educational toys for various age groups.

Farm Toys
Kids love animal farms and farm toys. Farmed themed toys are always a big hit with the children. There are some great farm toys available in the stores today. Farm toys include farm themed puzzles, plush farm animal toys, toy farm sets and many more. Here's a selection of great farm toys from your guide to Toys at About.com.

SmartGlobe from Oregon Scientific

Telling Time Toys - Jaag's Time's Up/Time Out Plush Animals
Here's a great new idea from Jaag - plush "telling time" toys that do something other than look cute! Each cuddly animal has a built in timer that mom or dad can set. The timer goes off with a sound, and alerts the child that time's up! This fun telling time toy has a wide range of uses - great for enforcing discipline through time out's. Also, it teaches kids the concept of telling time, and measuring time.

Books That Kids Will Love To Play With!
Here are some great books that encourage reading in your children. The best part about these books is that they are a book and a toy all rolled into one! Curious? Take a look at these wonderful book toys from Brighter Minds Media.

Pretend Play Toys
Pretend play toys are so much fun! Kids love pretend play right from an early age. Pretend play sets include make believe sets like castles, houses, kitchens and much more. Here's a selection of really great pretend play toys for your child.

Kid's Karaoke Machines and Accessories
Kids love to hear themselves sing no matter what age they are! It's so much fun to watch and hear a bunch of kids singing away to glory on a karaoke machine. Here's a selection of good kid's karaoke machines and accessories that are sure to be a hit!

Kids Puzzles
Most kids love solving a good puzzle. To me, a challenging puzzle successfully completed is worth every minute spent on it! It's a great idea to encourage your kids to play with puzzles right from an early age. Kids love solving jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, number puzzles, crossword puzzles and lots more! Here are some awesome kids puzzle suggestions from About.com!

Comfy Easy PC System For Your Little Ones
Comfy Easy PC is a very easy to use computer keyboard system designed to work with several software titles. Meant especially for toddlers, the system really brings your PC to life. The phone accessory which is part of the keyboard is sure to excite toddlers as much as the large colorful bright buttons on it!

Publications International, Ltd. Story Reader Video Plus
Publications International Ltd presents their new Story Reader Video Plus, a twist on their original Story Reader. The new Story Reader Video Plus can be attached to a TV screen and the interactive story can be viewed on the TV screen as well as through the stand alone reader. Here's the full review of the Publications International Story Reader Video Plus For Ages 3-8.

My First Story Reader from Publications International
Electronic story book readers seem to be the hottest trend nowadays. My First Story Reader from Publications International is a baby and toddler sized version of the original Story Reader. Kids aged between 6 months to 3 years will love pressing the big colorful buttons on the unit and listening to the stories via the My First Story Reader. Find out more in this review of the My First Story Reader from Publications International.

Telestory Electronic Storybook from Jakks Pacific
Telestory is the latest addition to electronic story books for kids. Telestory is a mini sized book which plugs into your TV set. Each Telestory unit comes preloaded with a cartridge which contains 2 stories. There are 2 wires which connect the telestory to your TV, and your child has the option to read the stories by himself or be read to by the Telestory unit. Animations are present which entertain kids along the way.

Cranium's Wonder Works Talking Picture Book
The new Wonder Works line from Cranium encourages kids to use their imaginations and be creative. Elements of painting, drawing, crafts and storytelling are incorporated into the line, and kids love learning from the experience. The Wonder Works Talking Picture Book is a neat activity book with four erasable pages. Kids will enjoy creating their own stories on the pages with the dry erase markers provided, enhance the stories with the stickers, and best of all, record their voices.

Fisher Price's Kid-Tough FP3 Player
This kid friendly digital mp3 player from Fisher Price has the capability to play either songs or stories which can be downloaded off the Fisher Price website. The Kid-Tough FP3 player is truly a revolutionary idea in the kid's electronic market, being modelled after a traditional grown-up MP3 player. Kids will love having their very own MP3 and story player, where they can listen to their favorites over and over again. The Kid-Tough FP3 player is good for travel too.

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera
The Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a new offering from Fisher Price, which is well known for it's quality toys for kids. This time around, Fisher Price has launched an innovative kid's digital camera designed so well that it's safe for even preschoolers to use! The Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a real digital camera, yes, a kid's digital camera which actually works very well. The digital camera is housed in a kid safe and durable shell, and has the simplest of functions.

Hooked On Phonics - Hooked On Handwriting - Learn to Print
From the makers of the very popular Hooked on Phonics comes the Hooked on Handwriting Learn to Print kit. Hooked on Handwriting is a comprehensive kit which teaches kids the basics of handwriting. Structured in a similar way to the Hooked on Phonics kits, Hooked on Handwriting Learn To Print is good for kids aged from 4 to 6 years.

Child Learning Toys
There are a huge number of child learning toys in the market. Picking the right child learning toy is not easy. It is important to choose the right learning toy for your child. Good child learning toys include toys which stimulate the child's imagination, and promotes learning and other skills. Here is a selection of the best child learning toys which your child will benefit from.

Educational Wooden Toys That Your Baby Will Love
Encouraging your baby to play and learn with wooden toys is one of the best things a parent can do. Wooden toys are safe, versatile, natural, and amazingly educational. These wonderful educational wooden toys are hygenic, easy to clean, and completely safe for your little ones. The wooden toys are durable, and will stand up to rough play through several children! Take a look at these must-have educational wooden toys - only the best will do for your baby.

The Best Kids' Laptops
Kids' laptops are becoming very popular. Kids' laptops are a good buy because they make even little kids computer savvy at a young age. Kids really enjoy having their own laptops just like their moms and dads, and have fun while picking up lots of useful knowledge on their laptops.

Top VTech Toys
VTech is famous for its electronic learning toys for kids. VTech toys are unique, challenging and fun. VTech's toy, the VTech V.Smile is very popular among kids. VTech toys offer kids of all ages a complete learning experience. Here is a selection of the best VTech toys available.

The Best Toy Castles - Castle Themed Toys For Your Child
Read about the best toy castles available for your child including reviews, pictures and more. Choose only the best for your child - here are some tried and tested toy castles for your kids including wooden toy castles, knights castles, castles they can build, pretend play castles and much more!

Review Of Marty The Martian Learns ABC
Marty The Martian Learns ABC is a great way for kids to learn their ABC's and pick up a lot of interesting information along the way. From the Ekadoo Publishing group, this lovely children's book is worth a second look. Read the review of the children's book, Marty The Martian Learns ABC.

Baby Einstein Toys Review | Baby Einstein Learning Sounds Piano
This wonderful Baby Einstein Learning Sounds Piano is among some great Baby Einstein Toys which work well to engage and amuse little babies. Read reviews of Baby Einstein Toys from your guide to Toys at About.com and decide which ones to buy for your precious little baby!

Review Of Publication International's Story Reader For Children
PI.'s Story Reader For Children is fantastic concept, well executed and a great buy for your kids. Portable and convienient, the Story Reader encourages your child to read along while having fun. Read a full Review of the Story Reader and compare prices to get the best deal from your guide to Toys at About.com

Elefun Ball Popper from Playskool
The Elefun Ball Popper from Playskool is one of the best toys for a 9 month old child.

VTech InnoTab 3 Educational Tablet
The VTech InnoTab 3 is the newest educational tablet for kids. This 3rd generation kids learning tablet, includes a lower price point than it's predecessors, the InnoTab and InnoTab2/2s. Parents can currently download over 350 apps with educational games and content directly to the device from the Learning Lodge Navigator.

Snapo Building Blocks for Kids
There are a variety of building blocks for kids. Snapo Blocks not only stack, but can be snapped or connected in all directions, enhancing creativity and imagination.

Wummelbox Arts and Crafts Kits Review
Arts and crafts supplies can take up a lot of storage space, and can be expensive over time. Companies like Wummelbox have designed subscription based arts and crafts kits for kids that arrive in the mail, with the supplies necessary to complete theme based activities.

VSmile Learning System from VTech
The VSmile Interactive TV Learning System from VTech is a great way to learn and have some fun. Check out the guide review of this product.

LeapFrog LeapReader
The LeapFrog LeapReader is the latest product that helps in teaching reading and writing foundational skills to kids in a fun, natural way, at their own pace.

Fisher-Price I Can Play Guitar
Following the success of "I Can Play Piano", Fisher-Price's "I Can Play Guitar" is slated to release in August of this year. I Can Play Guitar is a plug and play musical instrument with color coding which aims to teach your child the basics of guitar playing.

Fisher Price Toys | Fisher Price History | Fisher Price Classic Toys
Read about classic toys from Fisher Price. These Fisher Price Classic Toys bring back memories of the good old days. Here's some information on the history of Fisher Price along with some classic toys from the famous toy maker.

Fisher Price Toys | Fisher Price Products | Fisher Price Baby Toys
Curious about the latest kids toys and baby toys from Fisher Price? Read all about the hottest Fisher Price Toys including Shout Elmo, Ripped Pants Spongebob, Blue's Clues and many more from your guide to Toys at About.com

Educational Toys - Lamaze Baby and Infant Toys by Learning Curve
Begin Baby's education early! A great way to get baby started on Educational Toys is the Lamaze Toy Series from Learning Curve. This range of toys develops babies and infants visual, motor and independant play skills. This is a list of popular developmental and educational learning toys from Lamaze Learning Curve.

Top Picks for Leap Frog Educational Toys
Leap Frog is one of the best known and trusted names in the learning games department! Check out some of the best educational and learning buys for your child from Leap Frog.

Review of LeapFrog's new Zippity game system.

Tag Reading System
Leapfrog's Tag Reading System is an electronic book reader for children ages 4 to 8.

Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table
The Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table is an awesome toy that will delight your child. With various activities from songs to things which spin and roll, this Learn and Groove Musical Table is a great buy. Combining fun with education, the Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table is well worth the investment.

Top Picks for Fisher-Price Educational Toys
Fisher-Price is a household name in toys for babies, infants, toddlers and young kids. Known for its quality and excellence of the products, Fisher Price is a true leader. Check out some of the top educational and learning toys from FP.

Laugh and Learn Home by Fisher-Price
This is one of the best buys for your little one. Check out the guide review for the Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price.

Leapster Multimedia Learning System
The Leapster Multimedia Learning System from Leap Frog really delivers! Check out the guide review for this wonderful product.

LeapFrog Toys
LeapFrog toys has focused on developing some outstanding educational toys for kids of all ages. This is a list of some of my most favorite infant, toddler and preschool toys from LeapFrog toys.

Top Toys by Brand - Fisher-Price
Fisher-Price is a household name in toys for babies, infants, toddlers and young kids. It is one of the top ten brands in the world. Known for its quality and excellence of the products, Fisher Price is a true leader. Check out some of the top toys from FP.

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