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Top 7 Toy Castles For Your Kids


Children love pretend play toys. There's nothing better than a toy castle to help develop an active imagination! Castles have always held a fascination for both young and old. One can spend hours playing with toy castles and weaving tales revolving around kings, queens, knights and knaves. Of late, there have been a good number of toy castles released for kids including Cinderella themed toy castles, and castles with knights in shining armor. Here are some of the top Toy Castles for your kids.

1. Cinderella's Enchanted Evening Castle

Cinderella's Enchanted Evening Castle
Out of all the Disney Princess stories, none has left such a lasting effect as the fairytale ballroom dance of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls (from Mattel, of course!) actually waltz on the dance floor of this two level playhouse. You can fold this toy castle when not in play. Opening it reveals a dance floor, a dress stand and more. A clock chimes at midnight (just as in the story). A door latch to the castle can be worn by a little girl as a ring.
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2. Imaginext Mordred's Castle

Imaginext Mordred's Castle
Imaginext's Mordred's castle is a great pretend play toy for your child. Decorated in the King Arthur style, this castle is easy to assemble and pull apart - something that your child will love to do. This toy castle features a cannon, small boat and pirate figure to add to the fun and excitement of it all.
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3. Multi-level Wooden Folding Castle from Melissa and Doug

Multi-level Wooden Folding Castle from Melissa and Doug
Melissa and Doug
I came across this lovely castle in my search for a wooden toy castle. The uniqueness of this castle is that it can be unfolded to reveal a courtyard complete with turrets, staircases and more. The wooden toy castle comes with a drawbridge, and figures of a king, a queen, a knight and a horse.
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4. Little People Lil' Kingdom Castle

Little People Lil' Kingdom Castle
Fisher Price
This wonderful Little People Lil' Kingdom Castle from Fisher Price is a fantastic pretend play toy for your kids. Of excellent quality, like all the other Little People toys, this detailed castle includes a working drawbridge, fanfare with trumpets, turrets, royalty and much more. The main advantage of this toy castle is that it appeals to both little boys and girls, providing hours of entertaining possibilities with the castle and included figures.
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5. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus: My Size Magic Cloud Castle

This tent-like castle is fairly large measuring 4 feet by 4 feet. Preschoolers and toddlers will love to move in and out of this charming plastic and nylon toy castle. Inside the toy castle, there are various rooms built on 2 levels including a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining area and more. Furniture is included with the castle. This toy castle is only recommended if you have a large enough area to set it up. Assembly takes a while, and it cannot be easily moved from one place to another.
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6. Lego Knights' Kingdom Castle of Morcia Play Set (8781)

Lego Knights' Kingdom Castle of Morcia Play Set (8781)
This very satisfying LEGO building set has lots of included mini figures of the king and his 5 knights. Lego fans, whether young or old, will enjoy building up this castle. The best part about this toy castle is that, as with all LEGO sets, you can build and rebuild the castle in any way you choose.
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7. Sky Dancers Light Up Magic Twinkling Castle Playset

Sky Dancers Light Up Magic Twinkling Castle Playset
Play Along
The Sky Dancers Magic Twinkling Castle Playset will fascinate your young child. This toy castle comes equipped with twinking lights and sound effects as the name suggests, and an included Sky Dancers pixie doll. A magic wand can be used to launch the dancer up into the air. Little ones love to watch as the doll flies up into the air!
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