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Top 8 Educational Baby Toys for Babies and Infants


A child's mind is the most receptive to new ideas and concepts. Every parent wants their baby to be intelligent. Right from the time the baby is born, it is beneficial to introduce to the baby new sights and sounds that develop the baby's hand-eye co-ordination and visual skills. These educational baby toys are one of the best ways to make your baby learn and have fun at the same time.

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1. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy

Laugh and Learn Puppy from Fisher-Price
Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy is a great educational toy that educates your baby through play and music. Your baby will learn about the different parts of the body by pressing different spots on the puppy. The dog collar lights up accompanied by music, which there is plenty of - 10 lovely songs. Aside from songs, your baby will also learn ABC's, numbers and parts of the body in a melodious fashion. This educational baby toy is affordably priced and is meant for ages 6 months – 3 years.
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2. Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper

Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper
Hasbro Playskool
The Busy Ball Popper from Playskool is one of the most fun toys that I've seen for baby. Once balls are placed on the track, they roll down and then are popped back up from the top with lots of music and silly sound effects. Aside from the entertainment it provides, it also teaches baby basic skills of picking up and grasping. I included this wonderful toy in the Educational Baby Toys list because it provides an excellent educational experience for babies, strengthening their hand-eye co-ordination, in addition to keeping baby happily occupied. Great for ages 9 months and up.
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3. Peek-A-Blocks Incrediblock from Fisher Price

This educational baby toy is a great way for your baby to learn and have lots of fun. Peek-A-Blocks Incrediblocks from Fisher-Price has sounds, lights, and lots of smile provoking action. Babies can do so many fun things with the eight Peek-a-blocks which are included. They can stack the blocks up, put the blocks through the holes and watch them disappear, watch them spin to music and lights and much more. Runs on 3 C batteries which are not included. Great for babies of ages 9 months and up.
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4. Learning Drum from Leap Frog

Alphabet Drum
Leap Frog
This learning drum as the name suggests, is a great cause and effect toy. Your baby bangs on the drum and the drum plays music, or recites the alphabet or numbers in response to your baby's beats. The interactive voice encourages the baby to hit the drum and the surface of the drum displays numbers or letters. You can change the settings to ABC, 123, Interactive Song, or Follow the Beat. This is very easy to operate and a good educational baby toy to keep your baby occupied.
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5. Brilliant Basics Snap Lock Beads from Fisher Price

Snap Lock Beads
This is a perfect classic educational baby toy which develops eye-hand co-ordination and problem solving skills of the baby. It's a great learning experience because it also teaches baby about sizes and colors. This educational baby toy is very simple and inexpensive. This is made of good quality plastic and is very safe for babies 6 months and older.
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6. Lamaze Octotunes

Lamaze Octotunes
Lamaze Octotunes
This fragrant vanilla scented musical Octopus from Lamaze is aptly named Octotunes! It has 8 legs which when pulled or squeezed make 8 different musical sounds. This educational baby toy is a great way to make some music.. and hear your baby's musical laugh! Parents usually make the music for younger babies while older babies can do it on their own. Good for 6 months and up.
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7. Ocean Wonders Aquarium from Fisher Price

Ocean Wonders Aquarium by Fisher Price
This soothing aquarium comes with a host of sounds and motion effects both to entertain and calm baby. Sound effects include ocean waves, falling rain and babbling brook sounds. This educational baby toy can be attached to the side of the crib. It's easy for baby to press the blue button at the base to start the sounds and lights. This educational baby toy is good for babies right from ages birth and up.
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8. Lamaze Grip n Grab Rattle by Learning Curve

Lamaze Grip and Grab Apple Rattle
Babies are fascinated by this brightly colored plastic rattle which makes interesting noises. This award winning rattle is a hit with both babies and their parents alike! This educational baby rattle is a great toy to entertain baby during a long road trip. Good for 3+ months.
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