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Top 8 Toys For Summer Fun


Summer's really underway now. The hot summer breezes, blue skies, white clouds and a carefree attitude really add up to some serious summer fun. Here's a list of the Best Summer Toys for lots of summer fun for you and your kids!

1. Baby Hideaway Pool (Aqua Leisure)

Baby Hideaway Pool (Aqua Leisure)
Aqua Leisure
This wonderful 2 ring inflatable baby pool in yellow and blue is sure to be a hit with your baby! The best part about this pool is the sunshade - half the pool is shaded with the inflatable sunscreen which protects your baby's delicate skin from the hot summer sun. A great summer fun toy for your backyard.
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2. Little Tikes: Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler (Little Tikes)

Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler
Little Tikes
Simply connect a hose pipe to this oversized, colorful beach ball sprinkler, and you have a water playground all ready for your kids! Kids will have lots of fun splashing about in the summer and getting wet in the spray which comes from the sides of the Beach Ball Sprinker.

3. Dora the Explorer or Barbie: Junior Roller Skate Kit (Bravo Sports)

Dora the Explorer or Barbie: Junior Roller Skate Kit
A great form of exercise when the weather's good outdoors! Roller skating is fun and challenging too. Teach your little princess how to roller skate with this junior roller skate kit featuring either Dora The Explorer or Barbie. The roller skate kit comes with it's own carry bag and accessories to match. Perfect for some fun summer exercise.

4. Little Digger (MADD International)

Little Digger (MADD International)
MADD International
This very unique toy is modelled after a sand digger as the name suggests. Your little one will have to sit on top of the digger and maneuver the handles to scoop up large quantities of sand! A fun summer toy for large sand pits or the beach.
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5. Madd Jumpster (MADD International)

Madd Jumpster (MADD International)
MADD International
The Madd Jumpster is a mini bounce house for your kids. This colorful, inflatable bouncer is perfect for your kids to expend all that excess energy, and have lots of summer fun in the bargain! Perfect for smaller kids too, the Jumpster has been a good seller this summer season.
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6. 2006 Huffy Green Machine (Huffy Corporation)

2006 Huffy Green Machine (Huffy Corporation)
Huffy Corporation
This is popular version of the Huffy Green Machine remains a highly sought after summer toy. Your kid will love to take a spin and show off on this mean green machine! Summer fun all the way!
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7. Super Soakers: Mt. Tikisoki Water Volcano

Super Soakers: Mt. Tikisoki Water Volcano
This is a fantastic water toy keeping in with the true spirit of summer fun! Made of plastic, this lightweight volcano shaped toy has to be connected to your garden hose. Water sprays continuously out of Mount Tikisoki's ears, and once in every 8 to 10 seconds, the eyes open, and a blast of water sprays 15 feet into the air, surprising and soaking everyone around. Great summer fun for the kids.
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8. Fun 'N Foam Factory (Buzz Bee Toys)

Fun 'N Foam Factory
Buzz Bee Toys
This fun 'n foam factory does exactly what the name suggests - creates tons of foam for your kids to play with! In a few minutes, the compact foam machine creates lots of kid safe foam. Imagine the fun you'd have playing with foam in your backyard on a hot summer's day! A bottle of tear free shampoo is included.
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