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Tamagotchi Connection

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Tamagotchi Connection

Tamagotchi Connection

The Bottom Line

Tamagotchi Connection is an award winning virtual pet from Bandai. It features cute pets called Tamagotchi's which have to be cared for and looked after in order to remain healthy and thrive. This is a nice way for children to learn some responsibility while caring for their virtual pet, although one cannot replace reality with this virtual world!
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  • Coolest Virtual Pet around
  • Teaches kids caring and responsibility
  • Ability to connect to another Tamagotchi unit


  • Battery life is very limited
  • The virtual world is not the real world!
  • Some kids find it boring


  • The Tamagotchi Connection is a great virtual pet for your kids.
  • The pets have to be fed, cleaned, played with and praised in order to be healthy.
  • Tamagotchi Connection allows more than one unit to connect to another.
  • With the connections, games can be played, presents exchanged and mating made possible between Tamas
  • Upon neglect, the pet can fall sick and even pass away.
  • Great way to teach your kids how to look after a pet.

Guide Review - Tamagotchi Connection

The Tamagotchi Connection from Bandai is a step up from the original Tamagotchi first released in 1996. Those of us who had these virtual pets almost a decade back will find a tremendous improvement in the new Tamagotchi Connection, both in the quality of the graphics as well as the features added to the new pet. The most striking thing about the Tamagotchi Connection is the ability of one unit to connect with another, permitting exchanges between the Tamagotchi's, mating, and present giving. Mating between 2 pets results in new babies being born. Taking care of a virtual pet never has been this much fun! The Tamagotchi first appears as an egg when you start the unit for the first time, hatching shortly afterwards into a baby Tamagotchi which has to be fed, played with, cleaned up when it does poo-poo, and praised! Discipline is also necessary to prevent the Tamagotchi from getting spoilt! You can measure the levels of hunger and happiness through the hunger meter. What happens if you forget to feed your virtual pet? Your pet may get sick, and even pass away. If this happens, you can hatch another one. The Tamagotchi beeps in case it's hungry or needs to be fed. If beeps at night you can press the pause button. One common complaint is that this unit is heavy on batteries, this costs too much. Nowadays, it may be better to use rechargeable batteries which are readily available. All in all, this is a great buy for kids, especially those who are not allowed to have real pets!
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