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VideoNow Color Player by Hasbro

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VideoNow Color Players by Hasbro

The Bottom Line

VideoNow Rocks! The VideoNow Color Player has been chosen for the Toy of the Year 2004 in the Ultimate Toy Awards by Toy Wishes. It sure is a great portable video player for kids on which they can watch their favorite shows. This product comes highly recommended if you are looking for some safe and convienient form of entertainment for your kids.
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  • VideoNow is a 100% Portable video player - can be taken anywhere
  • Good quality picture and sound
  • A vast improvement over the VideoNow Black and White
  • Safe For Kids, Can only watch PVD's not DVD's


  • Limited selection of video discs to watch
  • Only plays a special VideoNow format - PVD


  • VideoNow is a 100% Portable color video player especially for kids
  • VideoNow plays special VIDEONOW COLOR Personal Video Discs only
  • VideoNow Color offer TV shows like Spongebob, Fear Factor etc and latest popular music videos
  • VideoNow comes in a lot of cool colors.
  • VideoNow PVD's have to be purchased separately.
  • You can also get VideoNow Jr, a scaled down version of VideoNow for your little kids.

Guide Review - VideoNow Color Player by Hasbro

The VideoNow color 100% portable player is specially made for kids only. The compact player has a full color backlit LCD 1.85 X 1.45 inch screen and a built in speaker on which kids can watch their favorite TV show videos and music videos. There is also an option of connecting headphones(sold separately).

The VideoNow Color player plays 4.25 inch VIDEONOW COLOR Personal Video Discs containing approximately 25 minutes of programs. One issue about this player is that it only plays a special format disc called PVD also marketed by Hasbro. The discs can be expensive, a typical new release retails for about $8.99. A limited selection is available for viewing. The upside about this issue is that parents can be sure that their kids are watching supervised and non-adult safe content only.

VideoNow offers shows such as Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, Fear Factor, Trading Spaces Boys vs.Girls, as well as exclusive discs from Hilary Duff, Tony Hawk and Raven Symone to name a few. The old VideoNow Black and White discs will still work on this player, although you will see the shows in Black and White.

This portable player is a great buy in case you are looking for electronic forms of entertainment for your kids. I have given it a 5 Star Rating, the highest possible.

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