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Best Toys and Games for Kids, Listed by Age

Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School Age, Tweens, & Teenagers


This is a list of all kinds of toys for every age! This is a great resource to help parents find new, exciting, and unique activities that their children will enjoy playing with in their free play time that can also be helpful when buying birthday gifts and holiday gifts!

1. Toys for Babies, Newborn to 1 Year

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This list, with newborn infants in mind, includes playmats, rattles, teethers, and manipulative toys that will help babies in the first year of their life to develop the skills for hand-eye coordination and motor skills for sitting, crawling and walking. These toys will also be a great addition to any expecting parent developing their baby registry.

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2. Toys for Toddlers, Ages 1-3

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Toddlers are on the go and toys geared for this age group focus on motivating them to begin to communicate with words, as well as to begin to engage in interactive, pretend play. This list incorporates a talking animal zoo, a water-based drawing mat, and block-building sets.

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3. Toys for Preschoolers, Ages 3-5


Preschool aged kids are learning educational skills they will need for school that encourage them to play games with friends, use their imagination for pretend play with little characters, and develop skills to learn how to recognize different colors and letters. This list includes games, arts-and-crafts ideas, mobile technology, and interactive trains and doll sets.

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4. Toys for Kids in School, Ages 5-7


After kids get home from school at the end of the day, this age group is looking for pure fun and excitement. This list includes glow-in-the-dark bugs, Disney princess dolls, singing-and-dancing robots, board games, and collectibles.

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5. Toys for Tweens, Ages 8-12


By the time they are tweens, or pre-teens ages 8-12, it can become challenging to find a toy or game to your child's liking. Though boys and girls might have vastly different interests, this age group is really primed for the development of self-expression. Tween girls will often enjoy arts-and-crafts kits to make jewelry, while boys may be into collectible toys they can use to compete in games with friends. 

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6. Toys for Teenagers, Ages 13+


Though a gift card, cash, phone, iPod, and camera, will make most teenagers happy, this list includes a few party games and activities that can be played at home with families, or while hanging out with friends.

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